Office-Inspired Web UI Controls — Tips and Tricks (October 2022)

ASP.NET Team Blog
20 October 2022

This post includes links to a series of interesting support tickets, new GitHub code examples, and newly created help topics. We hope you find the contents of this post of business value. If you have any questions about a specific support ticket, feel free to post a comment in the DevExpress Support Center.

Documentation Updates

We added a new Document Management section to the ASP.NET Core Spreadsheet control's help file. This section includes task-based topics for our ASP.NET Core MVC Spreadsheet control:

New GitHub Examples

We published new examples designed to address popular usage scenarios for our Blazor Rich Text Editor UI component:

We also added a document management example for our ASP.NET Core Spreadsheet control,

Interesting Support Tickets

Rich Text Editor for Blazor

Office-Inspired Controls for Web Forms

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