Blazor Rich Text Editor — Web Assembly Support (v22.2)

ASP.NET Team Blog
12 December 2022

As you may already know, the DevExpress Blazor Rich Text Editor is now available for the Web Assembly (WASM) hosting model. When used in WASM applications, our Rich Text Editor component provides the same functionality as that of a Blazor Server application:

  • Advanced text editing and formatting support
  • Comprehensive API for document management and document content editing/formatting
  • Floating text boxes and image support
  • Dynamic content (field support)
  • Mail merge
  • Spell check
  • UI customization
  • Localization

Refer to the following Microsoft help topic for more information about Blazor hosting models, their advantages and disadvantages: ASP.NET Core Blazor hosting models.

Blazor Rich Text Editor Demos

Like other DevExpress Blazor UI components, our Blazor Rich Text Editor ships with a series of online demos. To learn more about the capabilities of the component, feel free to explore the following Rich Text Editor demos: Rich Text Editor - Overview. Note: Our Rich Text Editor demos are a Blazor Server application.

If using the DevExpress .NET Product Installer to install our Blazor components, you can find demo source code for both hosting models in the installation folder (should you wish to run demos locally). The default folder for DevExpress Blazor Demos (v22.2) is: C:\Users\Public\Documents\DevExpress Demos 22.2\Components\Blazor.

The demo folder includes BlazorDemo.ServerSide and BlazorDemo.Wasm subfolders. Each folder contains source code for corresponding hosting models. To run DevExpress Blazor demos locally, open a solution from one of these subfolders and start the application using one of following browsers:

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