Blazor Accordion — Single Selection (v22.2)

ASP.NET Team Blog
19 January 2023

As you may already know, the DevExpress Accordion component for Blazor now supports single item selection. To enable this feature, set the component’s SelectionMode property to `Single`.

Accordion items can be selected in the following manner:

  • By clicking item headers.
  • By calling the SelectItem method (to select an item in code).
  • The component can automatically select an item based on the item’s NavigateUrl and the current browser URL. Use the UrlMatchMode property to enable this capability.

You can prevent users from selecting specific items using the AllowSelection property. To remove selection, call the ClearSelection method. Handle the SelectionChanged event to react to selection-related changes.

Our Blazor Accordion component allows URL synchronization (to organize navigation items within your application). 

Refer to the following GitHub example for implementation details and source code:

NOTE: If you’d prefer to incorporate a tree-like navigation metaphor in your Blazor apps, use our Blazor TreeView control instead. Our Blazor TreeView now supports URL matching modes (v22.2).

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