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29 January 2024

As you know, a UI Kit represents a set of pre-built user interface solutions. We published our Figma UI Kit for Blazor so developers can collaborate with app designers before application development. The DevExpress Blazor UI Kit includes components that replicate the look and feel of runtime components, across various states: read-only, disabled, active, etc. You can use these components as is or modify them to address specific business requirements. 

To review and download DevExpress Blazor UI Kits please visit the DevExpress page on Figma. 

Benefits Associated with UI Kit Usage 

Application prototypes built in Figma (using DevExpress Blazor UI Kits) offers the following benefits: 

  • Save time for important tasks: focus on app structure instead of drawing all design states from scratch. 

  • Organize efficient communication between design and development teams: ensure that design requirements are practical/feasible. 

  • Maintain UI consistency throughout your application – ensure that all components use the same visual style. 

  • Build prototypes and check concepts before app development. 

  • Cut down on development costs – reduce the number of design-related changes in an actual application.

What's Included 

The DevExpress community page on Figma includes files that replicate DevExpress Blazor components in Blazing Berry, Blazing Dark, and Default Bootstrap themes. Each theme-related file contains the following components: 

Icon Library

Our Icon Library includes 500+ colored and black-and-white icons, in various sizes. The library includes:

  • Built-in icons for DevExpress Blazor Editors
  • Built-in icons for DevExpress Blazor Rich Edit
  • Custom icons used in online Dev Blazor demos
  • Icons used in DevExpress XAF-powered Blazor applications

To incorporate these icons into your application, please watch the video below or refer to the following help section: Blazor & XAF Icon Library.

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