Birds of a Feather session at TechEd on refactoring

01 May 2006

Our very own Mark Miller (no one else would have him) is leading a Birds of a Feather session on "Next Generation Refactoring in Visual Studio" at TechEd 2006 in Boston (Tuesday, June 13, 2006 at 7:45 PM).

Here's the summary: "Is refactoring only for the system architects and designers? Is it possible for all developers to refactor continuously as they write code? Can we trust tools that change our source code? Do we need more or less refactoring in our lives? What will refactoring tools be capable of in the future? If you consider source code a company asset, and if you’re interested in making your code easier to read and less costly to maintain and extend, then this session is for you. Stop by, listen in, share your opinions, discuss the state of the art & imagine with us as we consider the future of intelligent machine-assisted code maintenance."

Mark has some definite ideas about future intelligent automated refactorings (as have I, for that matter) but welcomes more thoughts and ideas. So if you're at TechEd this year, and are free that Tuesday evening, pop in and join us in the discussion. It promises to be a lively one.

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