DevExtreme and related products: End of support for Internet Explorer 11

10 June 2021

After a lot of internal discussions over the past year, we have come to the decision to end support for Internet Explorer 11 (IE 11) with the next major update of DevExtreme and all related or dependent products. This will be version v21.2, which is due October/November 2021.

The following subsets of the DevExpress product line will be affected:

DevExtreme v21.2+, the entire product line:

  • DevExtreme for JQuery
  • DevExtreme for Angular
  • DevExtreme for React
  • DevExtreme for Vue

XAF ASP.NET Web Forms UI v21.2+, especially:

  • Maps Module
  • Dashboards Module
  • Office Module
  • Reports V2 Module
  • ShowViewStrategyBase.ShowMessage (this uses dxToast internally)

ASP.NET components v21.2+, notably:

  • All ASP.NET Core components that are based on client-side DevExtreme components
  • All ASP.NET MVC components that are based on client-side DevExtreme components

Dashboards v21.2+, pretty much across the board with regard to the web:

  • Dashboard for Web Forms
  • Dashboard for MVC
  • Dashboard for ASP.NET Core
  • Dashboard for Angular
  • Dashboard for React
  • Dashboard for Vue
  • Dashboard for JavaScript

Reports v21.2+, primarily:

  • Web Document Viewer
  • Web Report Designer
  • Web Query Builder

I emphasize that the decision to end IE 11 support was not made easily – we know that some of our customers do rely on IE 11 and will be adversely affected by this decision. Unfortunately, we can no longer delay the inevitable.  At present, we are forced to maintain a good deal of IE 11 specific code (be it HTML, CSS, or JavaScript), let alone considering the amount of testing particular to IE 11 we have to do before releasing a new version. By ending this support, we will be better able to focus our energies on the modern web and maximize the long-term potential of our JavaScript product line.

For those of you who cannot abandon IE 11 (and are understandably dismayed by this announcement), please remember that you can continue to use v21.1 as long as necessary.

Before ending, I’d like to point to a couple of interesting facts that helped us make this decision.

Microsoft 365 Apps Say Farewell to Internet Explorer 11: As of August 17, 2021, Microsoft 365 apps will no longer support Internet Explorer 11.

“Customers have been using IE 11 since 2013 when the online environment was much less sophisticated than the landscape today. Since then, open web standards and newer browsers—like the new Microsoft Edge—have enabled better, more innovative online experiences.”

Worldwide Desktop Browser Usage Statistics: At present, IE 11 accounts for less than 3% of desktop market share (which drops to less than 0.2% when mobile browsers are included).


Your Feedback Matters

While we feel that we cannot delay this decision any longer, we do want to hear from those who will be affected by our decision to end IE 11 support. Either post your comments below, or submit a support ticket via the DevExpress Support Center.

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Marc Greiner (DevExpress MVP)
Marc Greiner (DevExpress MVP)

Hi Julian,

Will the end of support for Internet Explorer 11 have a positive impact on the use of your components with other browsers, like general performance improvements, now that the IE 11 code is gone?

10 June 2021
Julian Bucknall (DevExpress)
Julian Bucknall (DevExpress)

Marc: To be honest I doubt there will be much of a performance improvement by removing the IE 11 specific code. Yeah, there will be fewer if clauses to evaluate 😃 so that'll speed things up a small amount. Improvements will be more in the realm of our teams designing and writing and testing the code that our customers use and publish with their apps. Removing IE 11 support means we can do more each cycle for new features, components, and enhancements.

Cheers, Julian

11 June 2021
Julian Bucknall (DevExpress)
Julian Bucknall (DevExpress)

...And I forgot to add: by dropping IE 11 support it will be easier for us to take advantage of new innovative features and abilities in CSS and JS/ECMAScript. We will no longer be hindered by the lack of change in IE 11.

Cheers, Julian

11 June 2021
Tomas Rimkus
Tomas Rimkus
Long overdue decision. Glad you finally did it. Now you can finally start using modern JS and CSS features and get rid of IE specific cruft.
13 June 2021
Tomas Rimkus
Tomas Rimkus
BTW, the IE market share is actually lower than indicated in the image above. It's around 1.48% worldwide:
13 June 2021
Jim Foye
Jim Foye
Ok by me.
14 June 2021

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