CodeRush 2.0 and Refactor! Pro 2.0: Ch-ch-ch-changes

08 June 2006

Deep underground in the Nevada desert, in the Developer Express high-security development labs bunker, the CodeRush and Refactor! Pro team have been toiling away on a new version of both Visual Studio productivity tools.

In fact, it turns out they've done such an amazing job that we in HQ are in a bit of a quandary. You see, there is so much new stuff, so much new functionality, so many productivity enhancements that we have no choice but to call the new releases version 2.0.

Over the next few days, we're going to be announcing some of the new features that have made it into both products, as well as uploading some cool new videos to show it all off. The release date is really close now: it'll be early next week. Just as a taster, how about these: Refactor! Pro 2.0 has more than twice as many refactorings as ReSharper 2.0; CodeRush 2.0 has a revolutionary next-generation template engine that delivers a significant boost in power, productivity and efficiency.

(By the way, those “revolutionary next-generation” words describing the new engine weren’t made up by some out-of-touch marketing executive; we can't afford one. Those came straight from the architect’s mouth. When you see the mind-blowing power first hand, you’ll agree. But perhaps even more importantly, CodeRush 2.0 ships with an interactive training window, one that makes accessing all this newfound power easy, even for first time customers. Heck, I just wish they'd let me write some code around here then I could use it all for real...)

Of course, if you are going to TechEd next week then by all means come round to our booth for the announcement and to see it all. It'll be easy to find us: our booth will be the one with developers three-deep in front of it all going "Ooooh" and drooling. Tissues will be available.

Together with these new version 2.0 releases, and in concert with our stated policy to move to subscription licenses for all our products, we are going to take this opportunity to change how customers license CodeRush and Refactor! Pro.

With version 2.0 of CodeRush and Refactor! Pro, new customers will be purchasing a subscription license. That means that you will be able to use the product whose license you purchased for evermore, but that you will only get updates for the 12 months from the date of purchase. After a year, customers will have to purchase a maintenance subscription for the next year, and then once a year after that.

For CodeRush 2.0 (which, of course, includes Refactor! Pro 2.0), the initial year costs $249. For Refactor! Pro 2.0, it's $99. The maintenance subscription for subsequent years is much less, $100 for CodeRush and $40 for Refactor! Pro. (Note though that we're still finalizing the details for the renewal subscriptions, so don't take these numbers as gospel. Stay tuned.) Of course, those customers with DXperience Enterprise will get all this as part of that subscription anyway.

Now, we realize that our current customers deserve some break here. So current licensees of CodeRush and Refactor! Pro will get a free upgrade to the version 2.0 releases, as well as a free 90-day subscription from the date of release, or a one-year subscription from the date of purchase, whichever ends later (Updated: 10:35pm 6-Jun-06). We believe that subsequent versions of these productivity tools after version 2.0 are going to be so good, you'll be buying the renewal subscriptions before the end of the 90 days just to keep up with what we've got planned. And, yes, we'll let you know later what that is.

So, all in all, these are exciting times for CodeRush and Refactor! Pro customers. Look out for more announcements and news over the next few days. Now, if you'd excuse me, I've got to download the latest build from our internal servers...

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Bart Roozendaal
If only Delphi was still on your mind... O, how I miss CodeRush in D2006...
8 June, 2006
What is the price of the subscription renewal for existing customers of CodeRush and Refactor!  Do they have to pay the initial $249/99 or is the renewal $100/40 from the start?

9 June, 2006
Andrew Connell [MVP MCMS]
9 June, 2006
Hmm.. 90 days free for existing customers? I don't think you will release a new version within 90 days..

I expected more .. a lot of customers have given much input to make CR/Refactor much better. Why not just say that existing customer get a one year free subscription and/OR the current 2.* branch.


9 June, 2006
Hey Mark, you shoud do a dnrtv episode to show the new features
9 June, 2006
Julian Bucknall (DevExpress)
In response to the renewal comments:

- if you already have licensed CodeRush or Refactor! Pro, you only pay the renewal or maintenance subscription; you don't have to buy the whole thing again
- over the next 90 days there are likely to be several bug-fix type updates; there may also be some major functionality changes - we've been working on C++ support in Refactor! Pro for example
- we had to draw the line somewhere with regard to free updates for existing customers and I think our compromise is the best for "older" customers, "newer" ones, and ourselves.

So, no matter what, every single existing customer will get version 2.0 for free and *at least* 90 days free subscription. If you bought a license to CodeRush or Refactor! Pro within the last 9 months, you'll get more than that for your maintenance subscription (a year from date of purchase). If you bought a product earlier than that, you've already enjoyed free updates for a long while and of course you'll be getting this huge update for free as well (and it is huge: Mark was showing me some of the newest stuff last night and all I could do was say Wow, good God, and other unprintable things, over and over; and he only showed me CodeRush).
9 June, 2006
You should post this next week when we can actually check it out and see if this isn't just CTO go-to-market drivel. Until then, Resharper already shipped and has been better than CR for a while now--I should know I own both and vastly prefer Resharper. You get one more shot, good call not charging for an initial upgrade.
9 June, 2006
I'm drooling already :-)
Can't wait to see the fruit of all your hard work!
10 June, 2006
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It feels like the VS.NET Add-in wars are coming this way again, and I'm glad. Here's what DevExpress...
10 June, 2006
.NET Geek
CodeRush has been my favorite coding companion for the last six months. Whenever I have to write code without it I realize how powerful it this.
For those who are not familiar with CodeRush,
11 June, 2006
Douglas Rohm
After using Resharper 2.0 for over a month now, I have had enough time for me to decide which tool I'm...
13 June, 2006
Jay Kimble
Well, it's been more than a few days.  I was about to announce that I really like your competitor's product better than CodeRush/Refactor! Pro except that it doesn't do VB (which I move back and forth between C# and VB), and that I was going to probably uininstall CodeRush and Refactor! Pro.

Needless to say, you have my full attention... and the suspense is killing me!  I can't wait...
15 June, 2006
I apologize for the dearth of posts in the last week. It's as if I played a cruel joke: announcing that...
16 June, 2006
Rick Butt
G-g-g-g-ood b-b-b-log:)
23 July, 2006

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