Right-to-left language support

13 December 2006

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This week was shaping up to be somewhat unusual, and then suddenly I've become involved in discussions with several customers about right-to-left support.

Let me provide some background. Our components for VCL and .NET do not currently support right-to-left languages like Arabic or Hebrew. It's not for want of requests: we do get a steady but quite small number of requests every month for this kind of support. However, for some unknown reason, this week I've been discussing our right-to-left (RTL) support with several customers, or more accurately, our lack of support for RTL languages.

It's not that we don't know what to do to support RTL languges. We even have a pretty good idea about how long it would take. No, it's not the knowledge of what to do that is the problem, it's our resources and how best to deploy them for the benefit of the majority of our customers.

Although we have a regular, but small, rate of requests for RTL support in our components, it is dwarfed by the number of requests we get for other functionality and enhancements. When we make decisions about what we should do in future versions of our subscriptions we have to take this groundswell of opinion into account.

In short, because we have limited development resources for enhancing our components, we must deploy them in such a way to maximize our revenues from their work. This is a pure business decision for us. And that, unfortunately, means RTL support is just not high priority -- the majority of our customers would prefer we enhance our components in other areas and directions.

Now, it could be argued that we would get new customers if we had RTL support. I don't doubt it in the least (and the Middle East, where the majority of RTL languages are used, does have a large proprtion of the world's population, hence presumably a need for RTL UI controls), but given the small interest we've seen, I don't think we'd recoup our investment very quickly compared with other strategies for developing our product line.

However, we do sell our products worldwide. So, let me ask you... Are you ignoring our components because we don't have RTL support? Are you going to be marketing your products to the Middle East soon, in which case you'll be needing RTL support sooner? Would you ignore RTL support because your main markets use Latin or Cyrillic alphabets? Any other comments?

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Greg Shelton
I'm in the camp that says don't support the RTL languages.  I'm sure some of your cutomers would welcome RTL support, but this isn't something I would need for my current user base.  Please focus your development energies on other enhancements that have a broader appeal.

Also, regarding these existing customers who ask for RTL support, did they fail to perform their due diligence before selecting Developer Express?  Perhaps the RTL support is a new requirement for their software or they'd be able to capture additional market share with this added functionality.  However, if they purchased the Developer Express products and knew they needed this functionality, then shame on them.  

Developer Express makes a fine suite of products, but I didn't purchase the Enterprise suite without doing my due diligence.  I spent a lot of time comparing the suite with my existing tools (Janus, Infragistics and Data Dynamics) and decided that the deficiencies the Enterprise suite had when compared to my current vendors were out weighed by the improvements I would see with the Developer Express products.  

FYI --- That doesn't mean I wouldn't like to see some additional enhancements to the reporting suite.  :)
13 December 2006
Brian Brewder
My company has been using DevEx for a number of years. We've recently been acquired by a company that has offices in Israel and they have asked us to support RTL. We have decided not to support RTL at this time (or rather put off making a decision), though my guess is that will change in the future (maybe 6 months, a year, more?). I am not sure what we will do when that mandate comes down. Hopefully DevEx will support this feature by then :).

It will probably hurt my position, but Eric Sink has an interesting post concerning localization. You can view it at http://www.ericsink.com/entries/Localization.html. He argues that for his product, localization doesn't matter. Of course, his product is intended for developers whereas the XtraGrid (and the other products in the suite) are intended to be used by less technical users.
13 December 2006
James Hancock
Honestly I didn't know you didn't support them. While it isn't a huge issue for me (i.e. I would much rather you put in native support for Tablet PC ink) now, it will be in the future and it's kinda disappointing that it isn't made completely clear from the outset that you don't support RTL.
14 December 2006
Joe Meyer
I personally don't care about RTL support, all I need is to localize it to german. But do you loose customers in the middle east? Of course you do! IT companies haven't purchased DevEx products because for selling their products in the middle east RTL support is required and you don't have it. On the other hand, my guess would be that it's not enough revenue to justify DevEx' investment. So in fact it's a business decision and I'm definitely fine with that (although I'm sorry for the companies that would like to use DevEx' stuff but can't)
15 December 2006
Renaud Bompuis
It's unfortunate to be confronted to these kinds of choices.
I'd say that if you don't expect enough sales to cover the cost of RTL languages, then they aren't worth it.
Now if you can get 1000 sales from people in Israel or in predominantly Arabic countries, then it may be worth getting someone on board your company that could work on this issue full time and slowly get the components updated to support RTL within a few months while not holding back other developments.
It's just an economic issue. It' will not matter for most of us, except when a client approaches us and demand a customisable interface that must accept RTL. In that case either we have to refuse the work or DevExpress is out of the picture.
Supporting RTL would at least make your offering more resilient.

Probably won't hurt your sales much but it's probably an area of growth for you to consider, but I agree that it shouldn't be at the expense of the vast majority of us who want to see bug fixes and improvements of existing features as a priority.
18 December 2006
Patricio Moschcovich
Another option would be to have the existing developers keep working on the usual things and hire a couple of developers and have them work on RTL support.  You may not gain too much money compared to the cost in the beginning, but you will start selling more and more soon enough.
18 December 2006
Stephane Ratelle
Lack of RTL support is an issue for us.  
The Arabic world is a huge market to explore and it is expanding because they have so much money to spend.
For example, in Dubai, they're constructing sky scrapers by the dozens (literally!).  They even built an indoor ski slope!!

The point here is that with so much billions to spent, they're building cities and industries and they will require software to manage all that.  The solutions they buy will be from vendor who offer an adapted solution and those solutions will include support for their culture and language; do not forget that not everyone in foreign countries speak english.

Our business offer is already handicaped by this lack of RTL support, to get new business, we may need to move away from DevExpress.

Do not forget that the software market is a global one.
19 December 2006
Dan Avni
I live in israel and most of my work is in hebrew. sadly because of the lack of support for RTL in the reporting engine i had to go to reporting engine from another vendor that does support it which made the license i bought for the reporting engine unused (anyone intrestend in buying a used license? :-)

i think not supoprting it will only make you loose customers in the long run.
20 December 2006
Mohsen Ismail
I don't share the point of vue that is telling: "Shame on them who has purchased DevExpress while needing RTL Support".... Why?
The simple reason is that DevExpress Components are very far higher from other alternatives in the market in terms of:
1- Minimal time of achievement. Which is not the case in others.
2- Wonderful features to give to the end user with minimal timescale and cost. Which is not the case in others.
3- The suites are covering about 90% of the overall requirements of our end users. i.e. Data  Entry,  Reporting, Data Analysis...etc. Which is not the case in others.
So when it comes to this end it's a matter of money savings. Tell me who is the customer that won't wish a rapid and optimum delivery and who are the IT companies that won't desire to reduce their costs while still satisfying their suppliers.
Here, at Naeem, we implemented for a while with other alternative - without naming anybody - they was ok but the cost was 2.6 times from today. So, we convinced our board managers to agree with the current status and be patient about the RTL for a while. Whatever they are all astonished with the mervellous of the products after updated to DevExpress components and impressed by the timeframe and cost saving so they agreed.
It is a balance and in another way let me tell you also that the middle east market is a fortune for anybody.
21 December 2006
We were using DevEx VCL products in our application but replaced them - as the components did not support RTL. Due to this reason, we also didn't see any reason to renew our subscription.

We have been gradually porting our application to .NET 2.0 and C# and again are not using the DevEx components due to the lack of the RTL support (even though we'd have loved to use the XtraGrid).

We have a significant presence in the Mideast and for whatever component we buy, one of the criteria is that it must support RTL languages.

Though to admit it, the RTL support in WinForm seems to be a bit broken as well.
22 December 2006
It is at the end the market that drives your decision. I think you have to make a lot of study before deciding to have RTL support in your package. Arabic and Israeli markets are verb huge and a lot of software being developed now for them that support local languages. Big companies start to give more attention to these markets. We are currently choosing the components that have RTL feature. Without this feature we don't even look for other features they may have. I hope you will have more time in the near future to support RTL.
25 December 2006
Wissam Al-Kordi
Actually, It's very important to Arabic Software localization to support RTL Option in the tools, it's really important to customers those use Arabic operating system.
26 December 2006
Abdurahman Almatrodi

Greg  .
I think supporting RTL will provide more power for components. new developers, new tech. and at the same time.
As a Delphi developer, i searched for the best component. But, I did not find any component comparing to Devexpress. I did not buy it till now and I know it is not supporting RTL, So, i think that i have one ot two:
1. Re-working with the component to change it to be RTL.
2. Ignoring my customer, and just give him the application without supporting RTL. and pray for Devexpress to decide supporting that.

I start working with number 1, Contacting Devexpress to help me in this issue, But there was no helping. and the coponenets are so huge and defficult for me to do it. So, i forget this one.
Now, I think i will go for the 2nd.

As Stephane Ratelle and Mohsen Ismail said it is a big opportunity. and changing to RTL is not a big or huge work for Devexpress, they know their component.

and from my side, I will help as I can


26 December 2006
I've been working with the VCL components for some years, especially the menus and grids. Though our software is English-only, the data we display is potentially coming from databases which contain Unicode and/or RTL language values.
I'd love to see Unicode support in general for the VCL components in addition to RTL.
DevExpress is now several years on the market and has probably always been asked to support either of above every year. Honestly, to me this sounds weird: the chances to get a bigger customer base are huge (Asian/Arabic/Cyrillic fonts) and every year passes by with rejecting this additional investment.
But shouldn't you start *someday* to do it? Other companies may already have it, but their feature set lacks other things we all like about DevExpress. Time goes by and competitors will catch up and I'd hate to see that time being a wake-up call for DevExpress for the RTL/Unicode support.
My business' programs would clearly benefit from RTL/Unicode support to attract more international customers, but I can't "add" that on my own and also I love the DevExpress controls.
All the best for the new year to come! :)
28 December 2006
Mohammed Nasman
I saw the  link to this thread from one of the most popular forums for Arabian Delphi programmers, and there some people asking if your component supporting RTL or not, I asked you about this question also before.

I noticed the first comments didn't care about the support for RTL, because most of them didn't need it, but for most of middle east, and even from far east need this feature badly, it's essential for people who talk: Arabic, Persian, Urdu and Hebrew and I think there maybe more.

I'm not sure how many new customers do you need to put this feature at the top list, but I will try to ask the people who interested to inform you ;-)
28 December 2006
bandar salem
Right-To-Left layout support needed
28 December 2006
I would love to see RTL support in the components. There are some places where it is possible - for example - the controloptions of a TdxLayoutControl has HorizAlignment properties that can help with the visual display - but there are obviously other places where it is missing.
29 December 2006
Shmuel Oppenheimer
Like The others, support "RTL"  is "Must" for Arabic or Hebrew sites.
The Devexpress components liberary are very impressed and rich, we want to use them like a main components liberary in our organization sites.
We faund problem not only with the reports but in Menus (The AspXmenu opend to the wrong direction) and the AspXgrid too.
31 December 2006
I need unicode support more than RTL support for VCL prodcuts.
Your prodcuts has already lotta usefull features.But if you add new other features to your prodcuts, that isnt important for me.In other words, your current products has enough features for
me.but I guess your products lack basic features like unicode and RTL support.
3 January 2007
Mark Krasnohorsky
In order to make it a more viable business decisson, have you considered asking that user base if they would be willing to help offset the costs development of RTL into the components?

For example, if I needed RTL support due to a customer request, I would be very willing to pay an extra fee for getting RTL support into the components for which I have already made a significant investment of time and energy, paying $1000 or $2000 per seat would be trivial compared to the investment required to learn a new set of components, and/or keep maintenance on 2 sets of components. Heck, it would probably cost me that much just to purchase the new components.

I am not sure the cost of implementing RTL or the size of the customer base that requires RTL, but perhaps the numbers are such that a reasonable per seat price could be established.
5 January 2007
Ohad Israeli
You say in your post that you didnt get much request for RTL support... well i can tell you as someone that was working in Microsoft Technology Center in Israel plus have been working on more then 300 .net projects around Israel... whenever we need hebrew supported controls we recomand about janus just because they do listen to customers they have added the RTL support in the past as we turned to them and since then fixing RTL bugs asap... this is what i call service... now i did use DevEx controls in some projects and personaly I do like your controls but to tell us that other issues are more important then adding RTL support and not even giving a date in the future... just makes the decigion again very simple for us... you want RTL go with janus... go with infragistics... probably dont go with DevEx.
6 January 2007
we need RTL support !
please just do it ;)
and ... we love your product !
10 January 2007
Abdurahman Almatrodi

 Mark Krasnohorsky.
This is the first time i heard about you idea. the price for the products does not change because of langauges. anyway, i searcher for a developer who can do RTL, unfortunately i did not find any.

RTL is so important not for us, but also for Devexpress itself, many companies are selling their products worlwide.

Ohad Israeli.
i had worked with many componenets, but in my opnion no one is like Devexpress in speed, easy to use, look...etc.
11 January 2007
Dear sir /
Till now we have waited about 7 months to know
if the RTL Support will be available in your components or not.
We are a customer category [Using RTL ],
so this feature must take the highest priority in your  requests queue.
so kindly provide us with a date, this feature will be available in .
so we do not have to go using another component .
Best Regards

Mahmoud Desokey
Software Architect
Ultra-visions Co.
7 February 2007
We love working with DevEx components. Unfortunately in a couple of our programs we are forced to use ther components, since DevEx does not support RTL properly.

Please move up the priority of the feature.


14 February 2007
We need RTL support.
15 February 2007
Hallvard Vassbotn
We (that is Infront - http://www.infront.no/) are using DevExpress grids in selected(*) windows in our main application The Online Trader (http://www.theonlinetrader.com/) a realtime financial information and trading product.

We're in the process of having to support Arabic and have already done a large amount of work to make our application and a number of 3rd party components RTL capable. We don't have the resource to try and do it to the DevExpress grids ourselves.

We're still on version 4.x of the grids, and RTL support would definetly make us upgrade.

(*) The main reason that we don't use it for all our grid windows, is that in provider mode it is too slow to keep up with the huge amount of realtime updates
15 February 2007
Although it seems as if I've been ignoring the comment thread for my post on RTL language support, I...
15 February 2007
RTL support is really required today. Middle East is really big and growing up market, so as for my company to be able enter this market, our applications should support Arabic UI. We are currently using DevEx VCL for building up UI for our apps, so now I have to decide what to do - try searching another components or just wait for support from the DevEx side. My opinion is that DevEx is the best controls for VCL ever and I'm really don't want to suffer changing them to something else that is less convinient and does not support features that we use in DevEx. So I reaaly wish you to add RTL to DevEx. Thanks.
16 February 2007
Abdullah Al-Fifi
I am working in big telecom company, and we (as IT stuff) develop many software solutions monthly. The most problem we face was the shortage of RTL component, DevExpress has powerful suite, but I failed to argue my manager to buy such suite because it does not support RTL, even when we decide to purchase and modify the code to support our applications, DevExpress team said they will not support such modification.

Another thing, maybe decision not to support RTL was correct before many years because only few developer used Delphi (I am talking about Saudi Arabia), but now many developers (VB, C++, Delphi and java) -if not all- moved or have plan to move to "Dot NET" environment, and I think it is better if you first support RTL in your components and then search for customers…

Beast regards
17 February 2007
Working on an enterprise application, our company would be adding RTL functionalities very soon (In fact, we're already behind schedule).

I was able to add RTL functionality to DevExpress.Editors and NavBar controls in a couple of days, but I should admit grid and other libraries would take more time for ME, but how much time and money would it cost you comparing lots of potential customers in middle east!? that's out of question.

I think RTL features is a MUST and you won't regret adding that to your task list.

18 February 2007
We also need RTL support
18 February 2007
Saeed (SSh)
I am thinking about this idea that , is there anyway to mount a skin or something on your component that just make some of things appear mirror , like scroll bars or some movement even trees.
because it is possible to type in editors in other languages, and it's working right to left anyway.
thus editing it's not a problem, just a view should be change and some movement.
i know RTL changing may cause too many bugs and errors in a native of your components.
but designing a layer that change a view of some directions maybe possible and it would be nothing to do to your native code.

Beast regards
20 February 2007
ron zamir
BiDi (RTL) support is a must for a mainstream UI framework (as part of the localization/internatiolization requirements of modern applications), and its implementation should preceed all other bells-and-whistles.

I'm personally involved in a large scale project currently using DevEx products, and we're currently considering moving to another vendor because of the lack of decent BiDi support.

Bottom-line, its not a financial question regarding the ROI in terms of new users. Rather, its a business question you have to ask yourselves if you plan to be major global UI solution provider


22 February 2007
Mohsen Ismail
Ok, it's up and we found ourselves finally in the front of a necessity to make a right to left mirror for all our projects. As DevExpress don't want to implement this through their product and as that our users don't want and don't like to work Left to Right with Arabic letters, so we have to purchase another Third Party Suite to do the job and we have to rebuild all our projects from scratch and our company decided to put the cost of DevExpress on our personal behalf.
We keep our Left To Right projects as they will continue to be in use but the user has the option to work in English or Arabic.
Please imagine how much work we have to do with the other control suite to make it 100% the same as DevExpress.
If the problem is the cost or any thing related would you launch a community for this, so may be your Right to Left customers, accept to finance this incredible project?
5 March 2007
behdad khoshbin
  I think most of developers needing RTL don't ask about it , they just buy Janus or Syncfusion components and then you see that Janus is a best selling in component source.
 Many want this feature , because they want to develop for all of the world, but when they see your(very nice ) products don't support this feature they switch to another product.

10 March 2007
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)
We are not ruling out support for RTL.

If you have not seen, there is a follow-up post to this one here:

Also, there are a ton other great things coming for 2007:

Thank you,
Mehul Harry
Developer Express, Inc.
14 March 2007
abed lakader almobaeyd
if you do that and
go to rtl
i well buy your prducts
and use it but if you dont do that i not well buy it
i not use controls thats theaf if i have work
just do that begin first step
22 March 2007
Sami Karaeen
Dear Sir
when i was searching for new componernts for our Co. i found yrs , it was great and realy good but beacouse it does not support right to left i did not give a feedback to my co about it so we choose another component that supports RTL ,so we are still instrsted in buying yr component when u support RTL
25 March 2007
Abdullah Almogbil
Hi, Julian

I had to tell you that you are right about what you are saying " In the past six months I have been watching our sales, especially their provenance. In very hand-wavy terms, our biggest market is the US and the second biggest, the EU. Third in the list is Australasia. After that, it's a toss-up, there's no real leader in the regions that are left (although, interestingly enough, South Africa is pretty strong)." and "Although we have a regular, but small, rate of requests for RTL support in our components", but you forgot to ask yourself why you have only small request for RTL.

I can tell you why, it is because every company in the Middle East  when they review your product, they found out that it does not support RTL, so they have to look for another component which has RTL.

Ask the car companies in England, how many requests they get from USA customers asking for their cars and its parts. I am sure a view requests, that does not mean they do not use cars, but the cars sold in England does not match their needs and driving rules in USA.

Because, in England, the driver set in right side, while in most country the diver set in Left side.

If this feature (RTL) is available, you can determine accurately  how many request you get? Other than that you can not make your decision based on requests of people who thought it is a matter of time to easily support RTL with few months, and you may keep on not support their needs of RTL.

1 April 2007

I do hate the fact that there is an "RTL" property in my property list that just won't work!!! I guess this is something you get out of windows-component inheritence! However, when I figured out that this feature just does not work, it made me question the other protected properties that you get out of the inheritence process!

I don't want to buy something that will increase my work...I don't want to start fixing back things that are working fine in the normal windows applications developed with .net!

8 May 2007
Eng. Nasser

Hello for All,

I feel very sad, when i discovered (today) that the devexpress don't support RTL Langs.

and i am very sorry to tell  that i decide not to buy the components (after trying them for some ours) because the lack support for RTL countries.

thanks for All

19 May 2007
LaTesha Burroughs
LaTesha Burroughs

These two people said it perfectly:

Lack of RTL support is an issue for us.  

The Arabic world is a huge market to explore and it is expanding because they have so much money to spend.

For example, in Dubai, they're constructing sky scrapers by the dozens (literally!).  They even built an indoor ski slope!!

The point here is that with so much billions to spent, they're building cities and industries and they will require software to manage all that.  The solutions they buy will be from vendor who offer an adapted solution and those solutions will include support for their culture and language; do not forget that not everyone in foreign countries speak english.

Our business offer is already handicaped by this lack of RTL support, to get new business, we may need to move away from DevExpress.

Do not forget that the software market is a global one.


It is at the end the market that drives your decision. I think you have to make a lot of study before deciding to have RTL support in your package. Arabic and Israeli markets are verb huge and a lot of software being developed now for them that support local languages. Big companies start to give more attention to these markets. We are currently choosing the components that have RTL feature. Without this feature we don't even look for other features they may have. I hope you will have more time in the near future to support RTL.

I have been to Israel and it is a HUGE market. I don't think someone at DX is doing their homework for real.  Actually I was over there doing some market studies and this is one thing companies are struggling on.  They need software, but the supply is not there.  Again do your homework, I truly think this market has as much potential as US.

10 June 2007
Monzer Emam

Ok, What about evaluating the RTL customer?

I suggest DX to implement RTL for one control only lets say Grid or Bars then release it in special edition for example RTL Edition.

then from sales of that control you can evaluate how many sales are expected for RTL only.

23 June 2007
Eli Smadar

We were looking for a component suite for our products and we tested your tools. They are great but the support for RTL is a must these days and i think it is a poor decision you made.

Microsoft, SAP, Oracle and most of your competitors are supporting RTL, i hope you will adopt it.

24 June 2007
Lior Aharon

Up to this point of this LOUD AND CLEAR comment list, let me just say that, if you at DevExp still believe that RTL support is a LOW PRIORITY, your "business logic" AND integrity, are definitely in absolute contradiction to the quality of your products!

But having that said, and after rethinking, I am not anymore to sure about the phrase QUALITY, when it is a STRATEGY to knowingly outcast an entire region of the world (Middle East, that is) from being able to use (what could have been) fine components, within globally to be deployed computer applications.

The QUALITY of a product or the company that created it, or anything else, measures not only by its income per something... Its fairness counts just as much!

At the end of a long investigation I am conducting to find a good component suite for my development team, for a minute, I thought I have found it in DevExp.

But then I discovered that there is no RTL support...

After understanding that there is not even a date set for taking care of it, I decided to exclude DevExp components from my list!

In case you didn't hear, now IT IS A SMALL VILLAGE OUT THERE...

This page of list of comments are for Julian M Bucknall's post as for Dec 13 2006, 08:39 PM.

Mr. Bucknall, do you intend to address this list??

27 June 2007
Majid Asadi


My language is a RTL language and some of world people have a RTL language.

I think you should be doing a force change in your component to support LTR.

This is our request.

We need your support please.

Thanks a lot.

1 July 2007
iTrend (Saudi Arabia)

For DevExpress all .Net components, Right-To-Left layout support needed badly for our 3 major projects in Saudi Arabia to be started pretty soon.

Thank you so much,

22 July 2007
lavit ben-haim
lavit ben-haim

i really do want to purchase the DX componenets.

im from israel , and the RTL feature in the XtraGrid is very very important to us.

does anybody can five me a solution????

please please consider develop it ASAS

30 July 2007
Israeli Guy

I've managed to fix the problem and mirror dev express' grid, tree and some other controls by changing the CreateParams. It caused a few glitches but I manage to make a work-around.


16 August 2007
Abdurahman Almatrodi
Abdurahman Almatrodi


All of these posts. and DevExpress still thinking, How come!.

Israeli Guy,

can you explain in some more detail, please.

21 August 2007
Israeli Guy

Every user control has a protected property CreateParams of type CreateParams. In CreateParams there's a property named ExStyle.

See this link to understand how to mirror a control with it: msdn2.microsoft.com/.../xwbz5ws0(vs.71).aspx

I advise to use the WS_EX_NOINHERITLAYOUT flag since without it the menus' text will be mirrored as well.

One of the glitched I had is black lines appearing on the control. I fixed it using graphics transform and moved the whole painting coordinates -1 unit of the x axis.

28 August 2007
Majid Naser


I was looking for a component suite for my company that has above 1000  customer(1000 company) that use our MIS systems.  I see your pack very very powerful and excellent.

But RTL is [first requirement] for we.

Please move up the priority of this feature.


6 September 2007
Abdurahman Almatrodi
Abdurahman Almatrodi

Israeli Guy:

Thanks for your post.

i tried, but it seems diffuclut for my knowledge.

18 September 2007

I need RTL.

 Please do it, Tanks.

22 September 2007


Please tell to visual studio developer team that

RTL support is not in high periority.

it seems they don't know that :)

9 October 2007

We Can sell about 20 licences for you as a start

(we sell software and VS addons)

All We need is RTL Support.

16 October 2007
Mohsen Ismail
Mohsen Ismail


We had a problem with XTRAPrinting when exporting to PDF the Arabic letters where corrupted and we returned this bug to DevXpress support team as per 09 of March 2007 and they confirmed that it is a bug to be resolved. Just yesterday, they sent us an email telling that the would not debug it. I replied with the following:

So, we have to wait hoping for about 6 months up to figure out that it is not possible to debug. OK!!! We are here at Naeem Investments, one of the companies of Naeem Holding which is one of the biggest economical group in the middle east are relaxed with the idea that our subscription with you will end at 13/12/2007. Since you don't, not ready and never will be ready to support the middle east and since we already developed our own arsenal of components departing from the features of yours, I don't think that we will be also ready to renew our subscription until you get ready.

We didn't asked for to much, even non RTL components in the market are displaying Arabic letters correctly.


31 October 2007
Ayman J.ِ

Now this is a dead end, i've been trying to get the RTL support from DevEx from about a week now, and this article got me down; do you need RTL support for making these UI more GLOBALY used, i think you do,.

if you take a slight look at the marketing  opportunities in the middle east i think you are going to do that....

But the huge problem is now, i need the support for RTL , and i bought your product, and i still can't get the RTL support ...

any ideas ????!

14 November 2007
Tsahi Asher
Tsahi Asher

maybe this LGPL library can reduce your development costs: sourceforge.net/.../nbidi

21 November 2007
Reader Man
Reader Man

While this is a very old article but,

i just wanted to give info on RTL Nations:

India 120 Million people of its popularity uses RTL.

Pakistan 160 Million uses RTL

Persia 70 Million Uses RTL

Israel 6 Million Uses RTL

MiddleEast Arab Countries 260 Million uses RTL

So Almost 600 Million ~ 0.6 billion uses RTL and while they are mainly the 3rd nations but they are getting into technology in a very fast way.

Microsoft did not put the effort for RTL if it did not know that.

Silverlight just got the RTL Languages Support into it, Office and windows gets from the start the support for RTL and is localization properties.

24 November 2007
Reader Man
Reader Man

Just a last comment on the issue:

janus and infragistics while they are ur competitors, DevExpress controls just flush them away with their outstanding graphics, beutiful samples, nice Flash training and ur Main Demo is outstanding plus the ease of the design time and the power of the API.

but still they support RTL Local langauges and DevExpress do not.

24 November 2007
amir mn
amir mn

you haven't customers of RTL because you don't support RTL

many of customers search for products that complied their needs

9 January 2008
Lior Bialik
Lior Bialik

Are you kidding me? I have to feel sorry that a company has a lack of the development resources? In this case take my suggestion and you can not pay me for it: Go to HR and aske them recruite one good developer or two middle-level developers. Since you claim you have a knowledge and design for the RTL support and all you need are people then get people. If there are other matters on the line then explain them or even do not open the theme.

22 January 2008

Right to left support is absolutely required for us and we will convert many of our products over to DevExpress controls, but we need right to left, especially for the tree view although we are able to mirror the tree using:

const int WS_EX_LAYOUTRTL = 0x400000;

       private bool _mirrored = false;

       [Description("Change to the right-to-left layout."), DefaultValue(false), Localizable(true), Category("Appearance"), Browsable(true)] //MLHIDE

       public bool Mirrored




               return _mirrored;




               if (_mirrored != value)


                   _mirrored = value;






       protected override CreateParams CreateParams




               if (this.Mirrored)


                   CreateParams CP;

                   CP = base.CreateParams;

                   CP.ExStyle = CP.ExStyle | WS_EX_LAYOUTRTL;

                   return CP;




                   return base.CreateParams;




24 January 2008

Still waiting for RTL!

15 February 2008
amin nazeri
amin nazeri

RTl support is really needed.

18 February 2008

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