Screencast for ASP.NET refactorings

02 February 2007

We've just uploaded a new screencast showing off the new ASP.NET refactorings with our Refactor product. Mark Miller and I get into and clean up his design for the online ordering application for his new Pizza Pit franchise. (There are two versions of the video: a low resolution and a high resolution one.)

As it happens, the screencast is for a new product called Refactor for ASP.NET that just contains the ASP.NET refactorings from Refactor! Pro 2.1. We've joined forces with the ASP.NET team at Microsoft to provide you with this as a free download, much as we teamed up with the VB team to offer you a free Refactor for VB. The product is in the final stages of production, and the Microsoft ASP.NET team will be formally announcing it and providing the download link once we're happy with the quality and stability.

If you've already got Refactor! Pro 2.1, you don't need to download this product (once it's available) since you already have all the functionality. Nevertheless, watch the screencast: you'll get a great feel for the new refactorings, and I'll admit Mark and I were on a roll. Mehul Harry, evangelist for our ASP.NET products, liked the "Millinator-style presentation", whatever that means...


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Rory Becker
2 February, 2007
Rory Becker
Also, thanks very much for the low resolution version of the screencast. this really made a big difference to my viewing experience.

Is it possible to retroactively create these for the other existing screencasts for Refactor and CodeRush?

I wouldn't bother if a rerecording would be needed but the low res is also great for presenting to a 3rd party like my boss. :)
2 February, 2007
Julian Bucknall (DevExpress)
I'd have to ask Mark, since he's the video editor god.
2 February, 2007

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