New screencasts for XtraNavBar suite

04 August 2007

Almost forgot about this -- my previous post about XtraGrid and XPO reminded me -- but we've just uploaded two new screencasts (lesson1, lesson 2) on the XtraNavBar suite. Enjoy!

By the way, if there's some screencast about our products that you'd especially like to see, please add a comment here to let me know. We try and keep our screencasts to 5 minutes or less, otherwise they start to become a burden for customers to download. I'm very interested in your ideas for topics where we can use two or more of our products at once, or that illustrate a solution to a thorny yet common problem.

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Greg Shelton

How about a screencast that demonstrates the XtraNavBar, XtraLayoutControl and XtraTreeView?

I use these 3 to emulate the look of an Outlook 2007 style NavBar "Mail" group.

Set an XtraNavBar group's style to Control Container.  

Next insert an XtraLayoutControl and add 2 groups in a single column: 1) Favorite Folders 2) Mail Folders

Now insert a XtraTreeView control into each XtraLayoutControl group.  

Add some nodes and some code.  You're done.

It takes some tweaking to get the padding/spacing between the XtraNavBar group and XtraLayoutControl to look right, but other than that it is really straight foward.

Using this approach let's you use sections/groups within a NavBar group which is great, but I'd like to be able to have a group with a custom control, then another group with a list of NavBar buttons.  Currently, I haven't found a way to emulate the NavBar buttons in a Layout Control -- specifically the Small buttons.   Ideas?


6 August, 2007
John Jackovin

I think what would be useful for users and potential customers would be unique ways to use your controls.  Being able to see a way to effectively use a control or group of controls would help visualize how we could use those same controls in our own applications.

I would also like to explore the smart client concept and how your controls can perform under a local UI and remote db scenario.  I see smart clients becoming more prolific in the near future and if you can develop best practices for data access/performance you could corner that market.

6 August, 2007
El Pipo


I think it would be nice to have screen casts about :



_ more complex usage scenario for XtraGrid, XtraTreeList, XtraVerticalGrid, XtraPivotGrid, XtraScheduler.

Hope it makes sense,


P.S: I love your controls :p

9 August, 2007
El Pipo


I forgot to mention something in my previous message:

I think it would be a good idea to analyse the questions your support team receives and see which could be turned into "How to" screencasts.

my 2 cents,


9 August, 2007
Michael Cheng

Very very nice!!!

Would you please make some demo show about how to set controls in Ribbon PageGroup more beautiful and professional?


13 August, 2007

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