C++Builder 2007 with Update 2 now fully supported with Build 27

14 August 2007

To say this has been a episodic saga to rival Dickens seems to be an understatement. First we had an issue with the initial release of C++Builder 2007: in essence the compiler would produce invalid structures that did not match up to our compiled Delphi code, resulting in a nasty crash at run-time. Then CodeGear released Update 2 for C++Builder 2007 (Update 1 was just for Delphi 2007) and we understood that "our" bug was fixed in it, but before we had downloaded and tried the patched compiler, Nick Hodges, the Delphi Product Manager, indicated in a post on b.p.d.non-tech that the bug hadn't been fixed in time. Then yesterday after a flurry of posts and emails, we learned that in fact the bug had been fixed, but the bug report hadn't been flagged as fixed in time for the release.

After this mish-mash of what happened versus what didn't happen and trying to sort out the truth, we did what we should have done originally and compiled and ran our tests overnight. Like, duh. And the result is?

Build 27 of our VCL Subscription Suite fully supports C++Builder 2007 with Update 2.

There, I've confirmed it. All customers who have been holding back on using C++Builder 2007 can now download and apply Update 2 and know that our Build 27 will work just fine. As usual, if you have any troubles or issues, our support team are the best people to help you, either via email or using our Support Center.

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