Psst! Wanna see some tutorials for our ASP.NET controls?

22 August 2007

To follow on from (and to complement) my post about us providing support for basic ASP.NET programming, it seems that there's a movement afoot in the hallowed halls of Developer Express Towers to provide simple online tutorials.

Yep, our ASP.NET team have been writing some quick example tutorials on using our controls (mostly geared to our ASPxGridView and associated editors) and posting them online. And then only telling me about it this morning after reading my previous post. My response was, well, duh, guys, don't hide this and hope people find it, let's get on the roof and shout about it!

Basically, by analyzing various support questions that have come in over the past month or so, they've identified various scenarios that customers are having problems with and have created little sample programs that describe the problem, show the solution and the code needed to create the solution. You can reach the tutorials here.

I warn you: the pages are almost Japanese in their simplicity. Our marketing guys haven't seen this yet and so haven't had a chance to throw in a bunch of images and branding and fancy schmancy stuff and so on. My advice is don't tell them: these tutorials are all about each individual problem and its solution, we don't need no steenkin' frou-frou. Enjoy!

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