We've gone bananas

10 October 2007

We've just opened a new forum for the DXperience v2007 vol 3 Release Candidate. In this forum — open for reading by everyone, but you can only post if you have a DXperience license — we'll be preannouncing what's coming up in this new version (no specific release date yet, but think in terms of a month or so) and once DXperience customers get it in their hands, there'll be lots of tidbits you can read about as questions and bugs are posted and answers and fixes delivered.

Just to emphasize: this release candidate, once published, can only be downloaded by existing DXperience customers, and it's only those customers who will be able to post in this new forum. Being a release candidate — a posh word for a late beta — it will have bugs, which we'll be fixing, but the functionality will be pretty much fixed.

Also, this release candidate does not address eXpressApp Framework (stay tuned for news on that), or our IDE tools, nor does it contain any of our WPF work. For information on those, the place to be is still DevConnections in Las Vegas at the beginning of November.

So, take advantage of the fact that we seem to have bought stock in Del Monte and Chiquita, and hop on over to the DXperience v2007 vol 3 RC forum. Max has already posted some news about our Scheduler for ASP.NET.

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