Breaking changes for DXperience v2007 vol 3 (aka 7.3)

18 October 2007

It's that time again, when I describe the breaking changes you can expect in the next release of DXperience, v2007 vol. 3. We do try hard to minimize these types of changes, but sometimes we just have no alternative in order to provide new functioanlity or a bug fix or two. By making this list available before the release gives you some time to prepare.

So without further ado:


  • DevExpress.Web.ASPxClasses.ItemImagePosition, DevExpress.Web.ASPxPager.PagerButtonImagePosition and DevExpress.Web.ASPxEditors.ButtonImagePosition have been replaced with DevExpress.Web.ASPxClasses.ImagePosition.
  • The link appearance has changed in the TabControl's and RoundPanel's default appearance stylesheet (autoformats). Now the link appearance in TabControl is defined only for tab links. The link appearance in RoundPanel is no longer defined.
  • The default BackColor was changed to Transparent for both the ASPxTabControl and ASPxPageControl (see image)


  • Both GotFocus and LostFocus client events were removed the from ListBox and RadioButtonList classes.


  • The GridViewLoadingDivStyle class has been replaced with LoadingDivStyle.


  • We've introduced a new assembly: DevExpress.XtraCharts.Web. The WebChartControl class has been moved to the new assembly from the DevExpress.XtraCharts.UI assembly. The new assembly references the DevExpress.Web assembly.
  • The WebChartControl class now inherits from ASPxDataWebControl instead of System.Web.UI.WebControls.DataBoundControl. This is declared in the DevExpress.Web assembly.
  • We've completely removed the old chart wizard (the DevExpress.XtraCharts.Design.ChartWizard class).
  • The SideBySideBarSeriesView.BarDistanceVariable property, previously marked as obsolete, has now been removed.
  • The SideBySideBarSeriesView.DefaultBarDistanceFixed, SideBySideRangeBarSeriesView.DefaultBarDistanceFixed, SideBySideGanttSeriesView.DefaultBarDistanceFixed constants have been replaced with the SideBySideBarDefaults.DefaultBarDistanceFixed constant.
  • The SideBySideBarSeriesView.DefaultBarDistance, SideBySideRangeBarSeriesView.DefaultBarDistance, SideBySideGanttSeriesView.DefaultBarDistance constants have been replaced with the SideBySideBarDefaults.DefaultBarDistance constant.
  • The SeriesLabelsPageTab.ManhattanBarShadow, SeriesLabelsPageTab.Line3DShadow, SeriesLabelsPageTab.StepLine3DShadow, SeriesLabelsPageTab.Area3DShadow, SeriesLabelsPageTab.StackedArea3DLine, SeriesLabelsPageTab.StackedArea3DShadow, SeriesLabelsPageTab.FullStackedArea3DShadow, SeriesLabelsPageTab.Pie3DShadow, SeriesLabelsPageTab.StockLine, SeriesLabelsPageTab.CandleStickLine, SeriesLabelsPageTab.RangeBarLine, SeriesLabelsPageTab.SideBySideRangeBarLine, SeriesLabelsPageTab.GanttLine, SeriesLabelsPageTab.SideBySideGanttLine enumeration members, previously marked as obsolete, have now been removed.
  • The ChartControl's and WebChartControl's Border property has been renamed to BorderOptions.


  • It is now always required to reference the DevExpress.Data assembly.
  • The PrintingSystem.DrawingPage property has been removed.
  • The RichTextBrick class now inherits from VisualBrick (instead of TextBrickBase).
  • The BrickPagePair class no longer has a default constructor; you should use its Create() method instead.
  • The PageCustomBrick, PageCustomWrapperBrick, PageVisualBrick classes have been removed. PageInfoBrick now inherits from PageInfoTextBrick; PageImageBrick from ImageBrick; UserPageBrick from UserVisualBrick; PageTableBrick from PanelBrick. All these bricks now implement the IPageBrick interface, containnig Alignment and LineAlignment properties.
  • The CustomBrick class has been removed. All CustomBrick descendant classes now inherit from the Brick class.
  • The PrintPreviewForm, PrintPreviewBar and PrintPreviewStatus classes, previously marked as obsolete, have been removed.


  • It is now always required to reference the DevExpress.Data assembly
  • We've introduced a new assembly: DevExpress.XtraReports.Web. The ReportViewer and ReportToolbar objects have been moved to the new assembly from the DevExpress.XtraReports assembly. The new assembly references the DevExpress.Web and DevExpress.Web.ASPxEditors assemblies.
  • The ReportViewer class now inherits from ASPxWebControl declared in the DevExpress.Web assembly (instead of System.Web.UI.WebControls.WebControl).
  • The ReportToolbar class now inherits from ASPxWebControl declared in the DevExpress.Web assembly (instead of System.Web.UI.WebControls.WebControl).
  • Concerning the Web ReportToolbar Control, when any report toolbar button is disabled it is drawn using the new ReportToolbarButton.ImageUrlDisabled property.
  • The ReportToolbar.HorizontalAlign property has been removed
  • When you remove the styles collection from the report, its StyleName property will be cleared. Previously, style names remained in the designer file, although invisible in the property grid, and could have taken effect for another stylesheet with the same style names.
  • The XRDesignForm and XRDesignFormattingToolBar classes, previously marked as obsolete, have been removed.

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Shloma Baum
Shloma Baum

Really looking out for 7.3 already, can't wait to get the scheduler component in my hands.


Shloma Baum

18 October 2007
John Frost2
John Frost2

Any chance that your development team can work on a utility to scan projects for these potential problems?

I'm most concerned about the Chart & Report new assembly, as I use these 2 things right now.

If no utility, how about detailed instructions about how we'll deal with/fix our code to accomodate the new changes?



18 October 2007
Alan (DevExpress)
Alan (DevExpress)

Hello Brian,

Most of the breaking changes in XtraCharts and XtraReports shouldn't cause a lot of problems when upgrading to the new version.

First, I strongly recommend that you use the Project Converter tool, because if necessary, new assemblies will be automatically added to the References list by our Project Converter.

Also, unless your code is referencing any classes that have been marked obsolete then you should be fine upgrading.

If you run into problems then please let our Support Team know, so we can do our best to help you.

19 October 2007

For XtraReport Changes:

With Improved Navigation and Export Performance :

1> Can you elaborate more on how the caching behaviour is internally handled & the report viewer control new method

2> How does it affect the Export & Pagination feature

3> What about sorting support, any work around for the Xtrareport web reports

Thanks & Regards


13 November 2007
Craig Weatherford
Craig Weatherford

WOW! Thanks to you guys "BREAKING CHANGES" looks like I'm going to be able to be to keep my current job for LIFE! And, the best part is I wont even have to develop anything new!  It will all just be maintenance.

I love you guys, where else could I get away with this little productivity .. except maybe working in the government.


Starting retirement.

22 November 2007

Tip of the iceberg really, you neglected to mention all the breaking changes in the report designer related assemblies such as the removal of the XRDesignFormattingToolBar object and other changes which have a huge affect on anyone who has built a custom report designer form.  Sadly there seems to be no documentation on this at all other than new docs on how to make a custom report designer so it looks like it's not a simple changing of an existing form but a completely rewrite of a new form.

20 December 2007

There are more breaking changes in the schedule control see this bug report:

This is starting to make me wonder what other undocumented breaking changes there are.  You guys have always been very week with your change documentation and we've complained about it in the past and were assured it would be improved.  I can see it hasn't or is there a proper change list showing all breaking changes somewhere other than this page?

20 December 2007
Julian Bucknall (DevExpress)
Julian Bucknall (DevExpress)


Your experiences troubles me. We have been trying very hard to document breaking changes better (and earlier) than we have done in the past. Have you reported your issues through the usual support channels? Please could you email me your customer details ( so that I can do some research here and find out what's going on?

Cheers, Julian

20 December 2007

Hi Julian it shouldn't come as a surprise, I reported this as being a problem in early 2006 when we went through a nightmare update of the xtrareport components back then:

Note that I reopened that issue to ask where the complete change list that was promised in Feb 2006 is and was referred back to this blog post!

This is the wrong place for such information in any case because developers faced with broken apps after an upgrade don't come and read a blog, they search the knowledgebase or tie up the resources of tech support staff asking questions about things that should have been pro-actively documented in the first place.

21 December 2007

Just for the record my name is John, Joyce is in accounting and purchased the license, for some reason her name is on everything here but I'm the only developer here who uses DevExpress products.

21 December 2007

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