XtraCharts breaking change with ASP.NET

04 December 2007

We've had to make a breaking change to XtraCharts in ASP.NET in a minor release of DXperience due to an issue with the form designer in Visual Studio 2008 (I originally pointed this out here). Here's the long and the short of it, albeit in reverse order.

The short: in the next minor version of DXperience, the WebChartControl has been moved to the DevExpress.XtraCharts.Web namespace.

The long: when we started testing our products in the released version of Visual Studio 2008 we found a problem with our ASP.NET WebChartControl. When you add a custom web control from the toolbox onto the form, under certain conditions the new IDE will create an incorrect tag prefix. This causes several cascading issues, all bad.

After lots of back and forth discussing various options, the development team came to the conclusion that there's nothing for it but to introduce a breaking change. (One proposal involved doing nothing, waiting for Microsoft to issue a fix to Visual Studio that repairs the issue. That, as I'm sure you can appreciate, is just as bad if not worse as introducing a breaking change.)

So, we've moved all our ASP.NET-specific classes to a separate namespace; all classes that are in the DevExpress.XtraCharts.Web assembly have been moved from the DevExpress.XtraCharts namespace to the DevExpress.XtraCharts.Web namespace. Unfortunately, this is a global change and will affect all developers, whether they're using Visual Studio 2008 or not.

The Project Converter tool that we ship can apply the required change to all *.aspx, *.ascx, *.master and *.skin files. Please note though that it doesn't fix *.cs and *.vb files, which means that you will need to manually add the DevExpress.XtraCharts.Web namespace to those source files where it's needed.

Note that WinForms programs are not affected.

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