I tried, I really tried...

06 December 2007

...to get Mark and the IDE team to make things simpler. It seems we have had some concerns from certain unnamed customers about being immediately productive with CodeRush and Refactor! Pro in Visual Studio 2008. I understand. It's new and all that. There's C# 3.0 with those weird looking lambda expressions. There's Visual Basic 9 with the ability to type syntax-checked XML in the code. And don't even mention LINQ. If our parser isn't up to snuff, all sorts of problems might occur. If the worst came to the worst, customers might even have to turn off some features and dumb down the product.

So Mark sat down and over the course of a couple of, er, well, minutes came up with a list of tips to make you immediately productive with CodeRush and Refactor! Pro in the RTM version of Visual Studio 2008. Personally I think there are too many tips but he assures me that this list is the smallest he could devise. So, sorry about that, but if you do find you can remove a tip from his list we would be extremely interested to see how.

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Shloma Baum


You guys are simply terrible, still rolling....

6 December, 2007
Jon Scolamiero

Shot... point... game..?

6 December, 2007
Ben Hayat

DX Rocks!

6 December, 2007
Rich Ackerson [MVP/ex-DX-Squad]

Too funny.

That made my day!

7 December, 2007

Kiddish, naughty, immature!

... loved it! ;)

8 December, 2007

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