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04 June 2008

It seemed like a long day at the second exhibitor session today. In fact, now that I've sat down I don't know if I'll be able to stand again for quite a while.

The biggest thing that happened today was the editor of Visual Studio Magazine popping around to the booth to present two awards to us. We've won the 2008 Annual Readers Choice Award in two categories: Grid Components - Web Forms, and Grid Components - Desktop; the first for ASPxGridView (and I add "of course" because, well, of course), and the second for XtraGrid Suite. Many thanks to our loyal customers who voted for us with the magazine.

This continues a theme I've been stressing with people who stop by the booth. Developer Express "know" grids intimately. We know what developers want out of them, we know what end- users want out of them. I can quite simply say that our grids are the best at displaying data, at enabling end-users manipulate the look and feel of their grids, and at presenting and promoting the efficient use of analysis features such as grouping and summaries.

This is reinforced by the demos of our pre-beta grids for WPF and Silverlight. One of my most popular demos has been a side-by-side discussion of these two grids to show their similarities from the end-user's viewpoint. If you know how to use our grid in a Windows Forms application, you know how to use it in an ASP.NET app, in a WPF app and in a Silverlight app. The same functionality is there, and the means of invoking that functionality is the same. The demo I do immediately elicits nods of recognition and understanding, which leads us to a discussion of how the grid is configured and themed and how it gets data and so on -- deeper questions that are more meaningful to a developer audience.

So these two awards amply reinforce our dominance in this field, which of course resonates in our other endeavors as well. Think grid, think DevExpress.

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