Betas and forums for WPF grid and charts

21 July 2008

A two-headed post: first of all, the betas for both our DXGrid (the data grid) and DXCharts for WPF (3D charting) are now part of the DXperience install. These two are betas (not release candidates), since there is still quite a bit to add to each (for example, editing for the grid, and 2D charts for the charting product), but we're anxious to get some feedback on them both, especially the grid. We'll be releasing new betas for each as we go through the development cycle for v2008 vol 3.

In order that you can provide said feedback, we've opened up some new forums for our WPF products. First of all there's a general forum for all discussions WPF, and then we have one forum each for DXGrid and for DXCharts.

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