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24 July 2008

Something came up today in sales-land, both in a phone call and in a couple of emails.

"When's v2008 vol 2 going to be released?"

"Any day now. We discovered a showstopper bug that would affect too many customers, and needed to fix it prior to release."

"OK, I'll wait until it's released before buying DXperience."

To which I was stumped. First, DXperience licenses are sold on a subscription basis. All of our .NET products, even if you buy the controls individually, are sold on a subscription basis. If you buy a product today, you will automatically get all minor updates and major upgrades for a full year. That's 365 days in an ordinary year, or 366 days in a leap year. We just don't sell our .NET products in a grab-your-money-and-run basis, and then charge you big bucks for upgrades. We love our customers and we'd like to see them all in a year's time Smile.

If the showstopper bug were horrendous enough, it could be a week before we get it sorted out (and, yes, heads would roll). Presumably these potential customers are ready right now to use DXperience: I don't think waiting for a week is going to help their development schedules. They can download either the latest full release, v2008.1.6, or the release candidate of v2008.2 and use them immediately, and -- it bears repeating -- because DXperience sells on a subscription basis, they'll get a download link for v2008.2 the moment it's ready. And v2008.3. And v2009.1. And most probably 2009.2 (I don't know what the schedule is for next year -- heck, we're still finalizing what to do for v2008.3).

The other point to make is that we do have a rock-solid 60-day no-questions-asked money back guarantee. You want to return a product within the first 60 days: we'll give you your money back. Period. Maybe not as a stack of used bills in a leather briefcase, but you get the idea. (OK, I might ask one question: how we failed so badly that you're abandoning us, but you can just ignore me. Not answering is acceptable.) 

So, in summary, you lose nothing by buying DXperience whenever you've decided you need it. You needn't be constrained by our release schedule or our ability to find showstopper bugs on time. You will get our updates and upgrades for a full year (and, some people even moan that we provide too many Smile) and, by gum, we'll do everything we can through providing great new features and enhancements and world-class support to make sure you renew after that time.

(And before someone comments that DevExpress is obviously running on empty and need all the cashflow they can get, puh-leaze, give me a break. I'm more concerned that potential customers are artificially putting roadblocks in front of their own development progress.)

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Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

I'm going to wait until iDXperience 3G is out. Wink

24 July, 2008

So what was the showstopper?  Inquiring minds want to know...


Good luck on the release...

24 July, 2008
Rollie Claro

The Show Must Go on!

Cant wait for the Release.

25 July, 2008
Carl Clark

As a DevExpress subscriber since 2003 (VCL and .NET) - BUY IT NOW!

25 July, 2008
Dr. Holger Flick

I can only confirm what Julian is saying from a customer standpoint. I had a gift voucher which gave me a discount on their products. Due to my own mistake, the discount was not applied. However, it took only a phone call and the money was refunded immediately and the discount honoured.

Furthermore, I am always able to reach customer support on the phone or via email. They are always friendly and take your problems and criticism seriously.

25 July, 2008
Steve Sharkey

Of course the other view is continue using the downloaded demo for as long as possible and you have no (significant) roadblocks to your development then simply buy when that trial period comes to an end....

I've been a user for some time now and despite the frustrations I've experienced at times I am still really happy to get away from that time when I was using components from 4 or 5 different suppliers. Guages helps on this too. I would point out that any potential buyers take the moans and complaints (is that too strong a word?) with a pinch of salt it can give the wrong impression - if there were such a big issue I would vote with my wallet but I'm still here and I suspect many others a like me... We don't winge about something that is wide of the mark we look for something else, the things we complain about are just because it is 95%+ of the way there and we do so want a perfect world!

Oh and a final point.... I do feel a sense of guilt that over the years of using Developer Express components that I have kept my mouth shut so much outside of the forums but there is part of me that doesn't want others to know about you, you do after all make ME look good and if everyone knew then I'd go down in many a clients estimations...

25 July, 2008
Gary Short

@ Heather, two things you never want to see being made, sausages and software. :-)

@Julian " gum..."?! I say, steady on old chap!

25 July, 2008
Robert O'Brien

Yes, what is the showstopper? I'm using 8.2 beta and I'd like to know please...

25 July, 2008
Jamie Davis (HCR)

"OK, I'll wait until it's released before buying DXperience."

To which I was stumped.


Because if they are not going to use it without x feature that is in the new release, then they may not want to begin a time based subscription until it is time.

25 July, 2008
Robert Johnson

Calvin is right. That is exactly why my company held out last year. We were looking for a particular feature and wanted to be sure that it was going to actually be in the release. Did not want to get burned. Blame Microsoft for that one (ha ha).

Steve makes a good point too. Despite my frustrations with DevExpress, I still think it is a darn good control suite!!

25 July, 2008


but when 8.2.1 will be released??

25 July, 2008

Surely, if they're only developing, rather than releasing then they can get on with the development using the evaluation version and then buy a subscription when the new version comes out?

This is assuming that the show is only stopped for a short period, of course...

It's only 365 days, so the longer they can hold off before that clock starts ticking then the better it will be for them.

A potential customer should be thinking about maximising their potential in a single subscription, with a view to not having to buy subsequent subs - it is your job to wow them with new features that make them want to maintain this subscription.

25 July, 2008
Mario Howard

Beats me why you ever posted this. With your loyal and satisfied customer base you certainly do not have to make this kind of justifications. I find quite healthy to sometimes send away a potential customer with unrealistic expectations. In the long run they give you more troubles than its worth.

25 July, 2008
Julian Bucknall (DevExpress)


Showstopper? It turned out to be the oldest problem in the book: adding a feature after the code freeze broke something else. Sigh. So the lesson for today is: don't add new stuff -- even if it seems the most innocuous change ever -- after the code has been frozen.

Cheers, Julian

25 July, 2008

Thanks for the update Julian.  I am downloading 8.2.1 now...great job you guys getting this out.  The new enhancements are really fantastic and I have been having a lot of fun with the RC!

Great to be in production again!

PS - ASP.NET gauges - wink, wink, nudge, nudge

25 July, 2008

Hi @ all,

I have a suggestion:

Independetely if you have purchased a subscription for to get all updates availables in one year.. the customers SHOULD can download THREE major releases and all hotfixes availables UNTIL the NEXT MAJOR release...

Sometimes many critic issues are present in an specific version but.. the year go out and this issues never were fixed into the subcription's year... you can see now... trhee months of the second quarter.. and the final MAJOR release 2008.2 does not arrive yet. I'm conscious that many new products are being developed but.. the suscription finish.. and you can't get the fixes related with the THREE MAJOR releases that you must can get.

Thank you!

25 July, 2008

In my previous post in this thread, i'm refering like MAJOR release when my intention was MINOR release. THREE or FOUR minor releases for a subscrition year are welcome....

....and YES!.. the final minor release 2008.2 has arrived.. when the AFTER_POST event was thrown. :)


25 July, 2008

8.2.1 is great!  Already converted my current project and forging ahead.

Anyone waiting to purchase - this product set is the best out there - your end-users will be glad you chose this for your development.

The documentation and examples need some work however the tech support is very responsive and they certainly enhance and update the products on a continuous and timely manner.

I know my customers love what we produce and Dx enables us to deliver best of class solutions.

25 July, 2008
Julian Bucknall (DevExpress)


With a year's subscription, no matter when you start, you'll get three major releases. Should you be able to see accurately into the future, and buy at exactly the right time, you may even get 4 (but if you can do that, put your money on the horses or in the stock market and retire in a couple of months). As for minor releases, we tend to put those out once every 3 or 4 weeks no matter what, so you'll probably get a good baker's dozen of them.

Cheers, Julian

25 July, 2008

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