WinForms & ASP.NET Charts: what's new in v2008 vol 2

21 August 2008

Here's a video that describes three of the important new features in XtraCharts for v2008 vol 2.


The three features I talk about are:

  • Intelligent label layouts: making sure that your series labels don't overlap. Since this can be a very processing intensive operation when there are many labels, this is enabled as an option.
  • Trend lines in financial charts: the first in a series of new indicators for financial charts (others will be added in future major versions of the product).
  • Multiple panes in the chart diagram. This feature is helpful if you don't want to overlay one chart on top of another.

(Looking at the image above, it seems as if I've totally embraced extreme shoulder pads in some show of solidarity with a bad TV science fiction series. I can assure you that you're seeing the chair I'm sitting on Smile)

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