Windows and Web Charts: All About Series

18 September 2008

I'm back with a quick video about series in XtraCharts.

The first time I looked at XtraCharts, I was a little confused what a Series Template was and why you should use it (or, for that matter, not use it). In essence, the Series Template is great when you have a set of data you want plotted where each data point in the set is defined by three values or dimensions. In other words: you have 3D data for a 2D chart. The Series Template enables you to set one of the dimensions as the series data member, and then XtraCharts will automatically divide up the set of data along that dimension into a collection of separate series. The individual series are all then plotted in the same diagram as a set of charts.

But that ease-of-use means that you lose some flexibility, and so XtraCharts also provides the ability to define the series manually yourself.


In this video I show the same data plotted using the Series Template method and using the manually-defined Series collection method to produce the same chart. And, to ring the changes, I used a web application instead.

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