PDC: Carousel control for WPF

24 October 2008

I think this is one of the coolest components we've produced and I'll certainly be showing it off in our booth at PDC (and recording a video about it as well).

A carousel component. Yeah, I know, yawnsville, you've seen them all. Not so fast: we took a good look at what's available and what features are missing. So there's multiple path support, there's scaling (to give a 3D foreground/background effect), there's transparency (so that items in the background seem to fade away), there's 3D effects like shadows, bevels, glows, there's rotation and flipping effects as items come to the foreground, and so on.

Here's a few screenshots:

image This shows many of the features: fading into the background; the scaling so that the main item in the foreground is larger than the rest, and the other get smaller as they get "further away"; and the elliptical path for the items to travel.
image This example shows how to rotate the items into the foreground position. The path is elliptical again.
image This example shows the items moving on a sine wave path.
image This example shows how the carousel might be implemented in a video catalog. As you can see, it's not the most important feature in the display, yet it performs a vital function: displaying three images, with the focused one more prominent than the others. Note that the path here is a straight line.

If you want to see more, come over to booth 501 at PDC and I'll be glad to show it off.

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