PDC: Exhibitor Hall 15 minutes from opening

27 October 2008

We're all here at PDC in our booth, with 15 minutes to opening.

Well, "in" is perhaps the wrong word: we have a gigantic booth, both in terms of the horizontal space (30 feet by 30 feet, with lovely cusioned carpet) and in terms of the Z axis (our central booth soars into the ceiling). So, "at" is perhaps better.

We have four large HP touch screen PCs to demo individually, one theatre-sized plasma for crowd demos (and we'll be giving it away), and four other plasmas to show off videos, what's next and the ubiquitous slidedecks. We are 20 strong as well, so if you're here and can't get the answer you want about the product you're concerned about, you must be in the wrong booth.

Remember, if you're here: 7pm this evening is the time, this booth is the place. You will see something "big" to go along with the booth. So, be there or be square. Or something like that. If you're not here, the video will be going live just before on DX Channel.

More later...

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Hi you all DX team,

Feels like a Hollywood trailer...

Launch time will be bedtime here in Europe, but will try to keep awake.

Even freshly working with your great products, I know you capable of making more dreams coming through and true..

Enjoy your deserved limelight

Thanks, Clement

27 October 2008

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