PDC: Why's it all gone quiet?

27 October 2008

So here I am at one of our kiosks and suddenly there's no one around. What's happened, I ask in bemusement.

Mehul says, Anders Hejlsberg is doing a session on C# 4.0. It has overflowed the room, apparently.

How dare he do a session like that when I'm demoing our new stuff. All right, when I can't go! Waaaah!

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Rollie Claro
Rollie Claro

what C# 4.0? the world has not understood "Generics" yet. are they mad? :) lol

28 October 2008
Lex Y. Li

Sad that I was not there at PDC. But it is also lucky that I don't need to split myself for you and Anders' sessions. :)

1 November 2008

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