Breaking Changes for DXperience v2008 vol 3 (scheduling)

30 October 2008

This is the second part of the Breaking Changes list for v2008 vol 3, covering changes to XtraScheduler (WinForms) and ASPxScheduler.

This list is not the What's New list for v2008 vol 3, but merely the changes we've had to make to DXperience in order to fix bugs, add new functionality, or improve the user experience. If you already have projects using DXperience, you will need to peruse this list in order to understand the changes you might need to make to your source code to support this new major release.

Note that we only publish the changes to the public interface of our controls. We reserve the right to change the protected, internal, or private interfaces when needed.

ASPxScheduler and XtraScheduler

  • The PersistentObjectCollection interface has been removed.
    All persistent objects for the scheduler now inherit from the NotificationCollection<T> class. For example, AppointmentBaseCollection is now declared as NotificationCollection<Appointment> and ResourceBaseCollection as NotificationCollection<Resource>.

  • The type of the PersistentObjectStorage<T>.Items property has been changed.
    The PersistentObjectStorage<T>.Items property's type was changed from PersistentObjectCollection to NotificationCollection<T>.

  • Multiple obsolete members are no longer usable.
    Using the following members, already marked as obsolete in previous versions, no longer results in compiler warnings, but compiler errors instead. You should update your code to use those members recommended by the warning/error instead.
    object PersistentObject::Tag { get; set; }
    int AppointmentCollection::Add(DateTime start, DateTime end, string subject)
    int AppointmentCollection::Add(DateTime start, TimeSpan duration, string subject)
    Appointment AppointmentCollection::GetOccurrence(Appointment pattern, int recurrenceIndex)
    void AppointmentCollection::DeleteExceptions(Appointment pattern)
    AppointmentBaseCollection AppointmentCollection::GetExceptions(Appointment pattern)
    Appointment AppointmentCollection::CreateException(Appointment pattern, AppointmentType type, int recurrenceIndex)
    void AppointmentCollection::RestoreOccurrence(Appointment apt)
    AppointmentBaseCollection AppointmentCollection::GetPatternOccurrences(Appointment pattern, DateTime start, DateTime end)
    public static AppointmentBaseCollection AppointmentCollection::GetPatternOccurrences(Appointment pattern, TimeInterval interval)
    AppointmentBaseCollection AppointmentCollection::GetConflicts(Appointment appointment, TimeInterval interval)
    public bool AppointmentCollection::IsIntersecting(TimeInterval interval, Resource resource)

  • Several non-generic classes have been made generic instead.
    In general these classes are for internal use only so should have no effect on your code. In essence, they have the same name but are now decorated with the T parametrized type.
    PersistentObjectStorage has become PersistentObjectStorage<T>
    DataManager has become DataManager<T>
    IPersistentObjectStorageProvider has become IPersistentObjectStorageProvider<T>
    QueryPersistentObjectStorageEventHandler has become QueryPersistentObjectStorageEventHandler<T>
    QueryPersistentObjectStorageEventArgs has become QueryPersistentObjectStorageEventArgs<T>
    CustomFieldMappingBase has become CustomFieldMappingBase<T>
    MappingInfoBase has become MappingInfoBase<T>
    CustomFieldMappingCollectionBase has become CustomFieldMappingCollectionBase<T>
    MappingsAutoPicker has become MappingsAutoPicker<T>
    PersistentObjectUserModificationsRegistrator has become PersistentObjectUserModificationsRegistrator<T>
    StorageXmlConverter has become StorageXmlConverter<T>
    PersistentObjectStorageFilteredComponentImplementation has become PersistentObjectStorageFilteredComponentImplementation<T>
    SchedulerStorageActionList has become SchedulerStorageActionList<T>
    DefaultDataFieldsProvider has become DefaultDataFieldsProvider<T>
    PersistentObjectStorageTypeEditor has become PersistentObjectStorageTypeEditor<T>
    MappingsChecker has become MappingsChecker<T>
    SetupMappingsBaseWizard has become SetupMappingsBaseWizard<T>
    MappingsChecker has become MappingsChecker<T>
    NotificationCollection<T>: CollectionChangedEventHandler has become CollectionChangedEventHandler<T>
    NotificationCollection<T>: CollectionChangedEventArgs has become CollectionChangedEventArgs<T>

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