DevExpress mentioned in VS2010 keynote at TechEd EMEA

11 November 2008

Yesterday TechEd EMEA in Barcelona kicked off with a keynote by Jason Zander all about the just announced Visual Studio 2010. It's still quite away from being in beta or even being released, but it's already an impressive piece of software.

One of the new features is the editor is written with WPF. It's got a handful of new features just because of that, and also because they've gone back to the drawing board to make it very extensible from the outset. We were asked by the Visual Studio team to write a plug-in that could be shown off during this keynote, and Mark whipped up a plug-in that shows an image in the middle of the code. (Actually whipped  is what the code did to Mark: the interfaces are being worked on continuously and it was like hitting a moving target.) Mark had also worked on a version of his "Display comments as HTML" feature, but that wasn't shown.

This demonstrates a couple of things: first of all, the ease of extensibility of the new IDE (in previous versions, this was an extremely difficult proposition, to say the least), and second, that DevExpress are working at the forefront of this new technology.


The keynote can be seen here (there's no direct link to the actual video, just look for "Jason Zander Keynote at TechEd EMEA Developers" and play that one). At about 32:30, Jason mentions DevExpress and shows the plug-in. Unfortunately the resolution of the video is such that it's all a bit fuzzy. Nevertheless I'd advise you to watch the entire thing: there are a lot of very cool features coming down the pipe.

UPDATE: Forgot to add that I was quoted in the official Microsoft press release about this. Fame, what's your name?

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