Previewing v2009 vol 1: general controls for ASP.NET

03 March 2009

These are the new features for our ASPxperience Suite.

Flow Mode in Data View Control

With a flow layout, the items in the ASPxDataView will flow one after another even after the browser is resized. This allows you to automatically fill the page area in the best possible way.

For example, let's suppose you have a page that displays a bunch of images. A flow layout allows the site to be 'stretchable'. Therefore, if the user has a larger monitor and wants to see more items, the ASPxDataView in flow layout mode will expand and fill the page area. This frees you from having to choose 2, 3, or however many columns may fit into your target client browsers. It's always the case that your power users want more data displayed, but you still have to cater for the smaller monitors too. Flow layout helps with that.

Progress Indication while Uploading Files

The newly-introduced Progress panel provides rich progress information during an upload process. The progress bar indicator shows the uploading progress visually. The cancel button can be used to cancel the uploading process.

Minor Enhancements

As with all our products we've added some customer requests too.

  • Data View controls that have no items to display are now rendered on a page anyway so that you can display a message indicating there's no data available.
  • You can now handle an event to prohibit end-users from closing Popup Windows.

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