Previewing v2009 vol 1: scheduler for ASP.NET

03 March 2009

These are the changes to be introduced to ASPxScheduler in v2009 vol 1.

Time Cell Customizations

A new event has been implemented which occurs before a time cell is rendered. Handling this event gives you the opportunity to specify the style and color of a particular time cell and even insert a Literal control to display text.

A new customization mechanism for the TimeCell interface elements, based on web templates, has been implemented. It provides the capability to insert text, hyperlinks, images, and additional web controls into the Scheduler's time cells. This method differs from the customization technique based on the HtmlTimeCellPrepared event in that you can insert an arbitrary web control but cannot change the container's style — that is, the text color, borders, and background. This technique extends the series of web template customizations that are already available for appointments, headers, and forms.

Dialog Window Customization

Several new events have been added to the ASP.NET scheduler so that you can customize the captions, size, and padding sizes of Popup Editor Dialogs.

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