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10 March 2009

I'm pleased to announce (before anyone else manages to) that Brendon Muck was swayed by the offer of a free t-shirt and miscellaneous other goodies (Ed: a new email address at and agreed to join DXSquad. He'll be jumping into the forums with both feet and helping out — er, OK, he's already very visible there otherwise he wouldn't have been asked — with his freshly minted DXSquad badge in hand. Now you'll just have to listen to him.

Please do join me in welcoming him to the team.

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Welcome Brendon!!!!

Your assistance will be very appreciated.


10 March, 2009
Christopher Todd

Congrats to Brendon! Julian, don't tell me you're trying to pawn off those DXHelmets! [;p]

10 March, 2009

Congratulations I know you have helped me out either by replying to my questions or with your answers to other people on numerous occasions.

11 March, 2009

First the DXSquad... then... THE WORLD!

... oops sorry that's a villain's quote. My mistake. ;)

11 March, 2009
Julian Bucknall (DevExpress)

Crono: Almost though. It's a little known fact that the latest James Bond movie was almost called Quantum of DXSquad.

Cheers, Julian

11 March, 2009
Brendon Muck [DevExpress MVP]

If only the ladies in high school could have seen what I was meant to become.

11 March, 2009

Brendon I'm dating two of 'em this week-end, I'll pass the word, I promise.

11 March, 2009
Keith Puckett

Brendon- Welcome!

And MORE COW BELLS Please...

12 March, 2009

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