Support for RAD Studio 2010

26 August 2009

If you're involved in the Delphi or C++Builder worlds, and unless you've been hiding at Ice Station Zebra for the last couple of days, you'll know that Embarcadero released RAD Studio 2010 yesterday. It's a great release with some excellent enhancements, and it's marvelous to see how Delphi and C++Builder are progressing. As Richard has been saying in his recent Delphi posts: fully native applications have not gone away in this era of managed code, but are still as important as they ever were.

Naturally, since you own a license to the VCL subscription and perhaps have just ordered your copy of Delphi 2010, I'm sure you're wondering where we're at with our support for this new Delphi and C++Builder. I'm sure you're all ready to try out some of the new features with your favorite VCL controls.

Well, like everyone else, we only got our copy of RAD Studio 2010 yesterday. Although we have been using Delphi "Weaver" for a little while, there are changes in the RTM version that we have to take into account and we are working on making sure that everything works and passes our tests. Since we knew when RAD Studio 2010 was going to be released, we decided to hold Build 46 of our VCL subscription until that time so that we could incorporate full support for the new IDE, run-time, and compilers.

I would estimate that we're merely a couple of days away from release, but, given my recent predictive powers with DXperience v2009.2, I would take that with a pinch of salt. Don't blame me if it's sooner or later Smile. The team is actively working on Build 46, and believe me, the wait is going to be worth it. They are doing an excellent job.

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