(Early) Sneak peek: Charts get better and better in v2010.1

10 February 2010

I twisted Damon's arm in the recent conference call on DevExpress R&D progress to show me some of the new things that his team has already added to our charting products for v2010 vol 1. This morning I got an image-laden email that caused Outlook to sweat a bit and all I can say is they've been working their tushes off for the past couple of months. I'll note there's still a good 4 weeks to go before code freeze for v2010.1 so there's bound to be another charts sneak peek before then.

So, grab yourself a cuppa and relax as I go through some of the completed new stuff.

First of all, let's look at the traditional XtraCharts product for WinForms and ASP.NET. There's a big new chart type — with many variants — for XtraCharts v2010.1: the stacked side-by-side bar chart. Here's the standard 2D look:

Stacked Bar Side-By-Side WIN

(As usual, click the image to embiggen.) Of course there's a "full" version as well:

Full Stacked Bar Side-By-Side WIN

And, it almost goes without saying that there 3D variants of them both. The normal version:

3D Stacked Bar Side-By-Side WIN

And the full version:

3D Full Stacked Bar Side-By-Side WIN

The team has also added the ability to custom draw the legend of a chart (the color, the marker size, and the text attributes):


I'm sure you'll agree that this is pretty impressive all on its own. Furthermore the team are currently working on another oft-requested feature: annotations. Since this is still under development, this is a very early snapshot (and the look may change before release), but at least you can see where they're going with this:


On the WPF side of things, in DXCharts, there is just as much forward development. Here's the stacked side-by-side bar chart:

Stacked Bar Side-By-Side WPF

And, of course, the full stacked side-by-side bar chart:

Full Stacked Bar Side-By-Side WPF

They've also already added custom-drawn Chart titles:


And custom-drawn series titles:


And, if you remember from the 2010 Roadmap, the team is also working on making the 2D charts in DXCharts compatible with Silverlight, ready for a beta version with v2010.1. As I said, the charting team has been working really hard.

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Scott Woods
Scott Woods

Looks nice bt about the custom_draw legend - come on Julian, this cast of characters have been around since the eighties - originally introduced with VCL components.  Check out the guy with the red turtle neck.  Update the photos of the team with real Dev Ex team members :)

On a seriouse note the graphs look good!

10 February 2010
Mathew Alex
Mathew Alex

yes please "Update the photos of the team with real Dev Ex team members" in all your examples or at least modern quality photos.

11 February 2010
David McAuley

Are you going to support hit testing on 3D charts?

11 February 2010
Jason Ingram
Jason Ingram

3d surface/mesh?? Bueller?... Bueller?... Bueller?

14 February 2010
Phil Martin...
Phil Martin...

Side by side stacked bars! Yeah baby!!!!  

Thanks guys, I've had my feature request for that in there - it is very reassuring you guys get around to even the old ones.

15 February 2010
Axel Trunk
Axel Trunk

Just saw an insert on EuroNews about household appliance electricity consumption monitoring in Finland. The system displays a 3-axis graph on a mobile phone. An X-Y-Z graph looks like a really neat thing to have, specially with 3-D rotating and all those smart things you guys do so well. Any prospects?

16 February 2010

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