VCL Grid for Delphi and C++Builder: improved navigator

29 October 2010

As part of our work on the new ExpressQuantumGrid 7, we’ve improved the grid’s navigator feature. I’ve grabbed a couple of screenshots to show you what’s coming, although I will note that we are still tweaking it a little, so the final version and its API may look slightly different.

First of all, this is what the user sees. Notice that we’re now displaying the record position (that is, the current record is number such-and-such of so many records) in a new section of the navigator called the info panel. In the detail pane, we’re showing it in the form “Record 4 of 92” whereas in the master list, it’s shown as “1 / 20”.

New Grid Navigator

Obviously then, there must be some properties associated with the navigator so that we can more easily set the text in its info panel.


Of course there is an event associated with the navigator’s info panel as well, the OnClick event so that you can do some special processing if the user clicks on the panel.


I’ll be providing more looks into what’s being prepared for ExpressQuantumGrid 7 as I get them. Stay tuned.

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Jørgen Storlie

1) Is it possible/easy to add cuttom buttons to the left of the info panel?

2)Is it possible/easy to add a poppup menu on the info panel to change the displayed info?

29 October, 2010
Oussama Al Rifai


But when version 7 well be released? and what is the deal for people who have version 6 and want to upgrade to version 7?

29 October, 2010
Sean Palmer

Looks good.

Can we also have the InfoPanel in the TcxDBNavigator component please?

29 October, 2010

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