“Hey, you got a comparison chart between you and X?”

14 December 2010

There’s a short answer and a long one.

The short one is No.

The long one involves a couple of blog posts I’d written in the past, one from 2008 and one from 2007. I can’t really expand on them particularly since I said it all then and my/our viewpoint hasn’t changed.

In essence, the only meaningful comparison between two paths/opportunities/products is the one you make or write, because a comparison is essentially subjective and not objective (what’s important to you may not be important to me, etc). But it’s amazing that people still ask for them (as did someone today; hence this post). Agreed they’re great for something to present to your boss without having to do any work, but it’ll be your reputation on the line, not ours, if the biased/generic/all-glitz-but-no-substance comparison turns out to be not specific enough to your environment and requirements.

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Nate Laff

This just became my new stock answer, too. Thanks!

14 December, 2010
Boris Bosnjak

The comparison is easy to sum up:

DevEx:  Best

Others:  Second Best


14 December, 2010
Matthew K

I think it would be worth pointing out (even if it isn't DevExpress's official stance) that downloading or demoing the suite is going to help a prospective customer decide!

14 December, 2010
James S K Makumbi

My two cents, as someone who probably once asked the same, Comparison is right there in the name. Others are products Dx is "An Experience". Comparing one by one just detracts from the experience.

14 December, 2010
David Mustard

So the short answer is "No". The long answer is "No-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o"!

I guess you can better say the comparison is already made for you when you consider the awards your components have won against the "competition" and the increasing number of years they continue to notch up the awards!

0.02 cents ;=)

14 December, 2010
Julian Bucknall (DevExpress)

Matthew: Indeed! I should have mentioned our slogan: Download. Compare. Decide. Bad CTO!

Cheers, Julian

14 December, 2010
Peter Thorpe

This just reminds me of the product comparison Sony sent out between Move and Kinect. They like to point out Kinect doesn't have a secondary controller, or a built in rechargeable battery.


15 December, 2010

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