Webinars: Julian on JavaScript

06 February 2011

Almost forgot: I’m presenting an initial series of four webinars on JavaScript for C# programmers over the next couple of months. They’re designed for C# programmers who haven’t really dabbled in any great depth in writing JavaScript and will introduce some language basics and point out some common errors you can easily avoid. Note that this initial series is about JavaScript in particular, and not about manipulating the DOM, using jQuery or other libraries.

Monday February 7 at 10:00am Pacific: webinar 1. This one’s on types in JavaScript. Despite the fact that you can declare variables without declaring their type, JavaScript still has an underlying type system. We’ll look at the 6 possible types, none of which include the class type.

Monday February 28 at 10:00am Pacific: webinar 2. We’ll talk about objects and a little bit about functions (after all an object’s constructor is just a function). We’ll introduce prototypal inheritance.

Monday March 7 at 10:00am Pacific: webinar 3. This time we’ll talk about functions in more depth and introduce scope and closure.

Monday March 28 at 10:00am Pacific: webinar 4. For the final webinar in this particular series we’ll discuss common pitfalls, globals, bad JavaScript, modules, good JavaScript, and anything else we have time for.

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