Delphi and C++Builder devs: VCL Subscription v2011.1 now released

24 June 2011

If you are an active VCL subscription license owner, the DevExpress Downloads page ( has been updated with the official v2011 vol.1 release. You can download and install it immediately.

Gearstickphoto © 2004 Frank Waaland | more info (via: Wylio)The sales system has also been updated to reflect the various options available for promoting  your licensed products to a subscription version or to upgrade to a subscription pack. If you require direct assistance with the renewal/upgrade costs for your particular mix of products, email us at or call us at +1 (818) 844-3383 between 8:30am and 5pm Pacific Time.

I will also note that the next minor version (v2011.1.4) is scheduled to be released within the month.

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Richard Stevens

When is v7 of the grid expected?

24 June, 2011
Daniel Rail

If you look at the what's new, you'll notice that the new features in the grid were those that were already discussed for the version 7 of the grid(i.e.: layout view).

24 June, 2011
Martin Lawrence

Excellent.  Over the years I had purchased 6 products so I've taken the large discount and purchased a subscription.  It's a good deal for me and I am happy now to contribute yearly for improvements.

I see a bunch of enhancements this time.  I seem to remember that Scheduler would be getting a performance boost later this year - I could really do with that.



25 June, 2011
Michael Thuma

I have upgraded almost a decade ago and the combination with the controls makes it attractive enough, especially if we think that those have been added as a substitute for the ExpressWeb Framework.

Oh reminds me of the EWF Server pack these days by Remobjects and the RO ASP deployment add-on for Delphi. Glorious days.

Ok today we have the Pumpkin Skin which is the default skin in all my apps and only for the girls I added an automatic switch to the Valentine Skin either on their birthday or Valentine day dependent on the martial status.

What I really miss is a military/camouflage skin - no fun. I have implemented my own surveillance system, still requires some fine tuning with Boian's stuff but I have not investigated the skining sysem this far. Does someone have a Camouflage Skin?

26 June, 2011
Scott Stephenson

Why is so frigging hard to figure out which exact products ship with each VCL subscription? Why can't DevExpress place a simple grid matrix on the website that shows, for each VCL subscription package, which exact products are included (treelist, vertical grid, quantum grid, VPS, etc)??? It's marketing 101 - show a matrix of what you get with each package.

This decade-long user can't figure out what ships with what. The marketing pages are a nightmare.

26 June, 2011
Peter Mayes2

In addition to Scott's requests can you also clearly detail what compilers are supported. I have just realised that Delphi 6 & 2006 seem to no longer be supported. Did I miss something?

27 June, 2011
Mark Stals

Scott has a point.

It could be that the separate VCL product pages have not been update yet. The product page for the ExpressQuantumGrid makes no mention of what's new in v2011.1, neither does the product page for the ExpressBars.

It would be nice to now what has changed since the latest beta.

27 June, 2011


All souces date to may 17, before the last RC/Beta. Looks like they just updated the installer and shipped the RC...

27 June, 2011
Michael Thuma

Donovan, yes, you missed a discussion a view weeks ago. D7, D2007, D2010, XE and 2009 too I think, but the last I don't know for sure.

In the original suggestion, we had D7, D2007 and XE.

Anyway, Thank you devex. I am happy so far - forgotten to mention.

27 June, 2011

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