DevExpress VCL team has just released v2011 vol 1.6

25 August 2011

In case you have a hyper-sensitive junk mail blocker that loves false positives and dumped our announcement email, the VCL team have just released v2011 vol 1.6 of the VCL subscription. All customers with active subscriptions are encouraged to download and install this latest release.

You can find the What’s New here. Mostly resolved issues, but a couple of suggestions have also been implemented.

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Mark Stals

Has anyone else got a warning from their antivirus software? TrendMicro reports that Mal-Opet 3 was detected.

26 August, 2011
Michael Thuma

Mark: Yes, AVG always detects mal-ware in the installer for a year now I think. I had no problem until today. It has it's reason why it is included, don't worry as long it is a generic one.

26 August, 2011
Matthew Jones

When I got this with my apps, AVG were happy to give me an FTP account to upload anything that triggered. Then they switched to considering our digital certificates as valid, and stopped triggering at all.

I hope that there is good contact between DevEx and AVG - once you get set up it is easy and no customer would suffer.

26 August, 2011
Mark Stals

Thanks Michael. I do not worry. But our system administrator does when a user gets a virus warning.

Such repeating detections may result in the offending site being blacklisted.

26 August, 2011
Alex M (DevExpress)

Hello everyone!

It is frustrating to hear that you're continuing to experience these false positives on a frequent basis. We'll contact TrendMicro to see if there is a way that this problem can be addressed and promptly resolved.

26 August, 2011
Michael Thuma

Thank you Mathew .... It was just in the setup file so I did not care a lot because nothing else on my computer was infected and also not the executable built.  I have an isolated UNIX machine with a VM-Ware box in order to test in such situations.

So I thought it's the virus scan. I trust devexpress so far ... They will not ship a virus ... and it was always the same warning.

Mark ... Just wanted to let you know it would safe.

26 August, 2011
Serge (DevExpress Support)

Guys: I would like to add that all our installation files are digitally signed.  You can check the validity of our certificate before running any executable downloaded from our web site.

30 August, 2011
Ray Navasarkian (DevExpress)

The reality is that TrendMicro simply has not followed up with us and as such, our best suggestion would be to a) contact them and ask them to reach out to us or b) use a different tool.

Our apologies to everyone...we've done our best to get this matter resolved but we cant resolve it if the vendor simply does not care.

3 September, 2011

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