BUILD Conference: CodeRush runs in the Developer Preview of Visual Studio 11

14 September 2011

OK, this is just a quick heads-up. The Developer Preview of the new Visual Studio 11 has been available on MSDN for some 12 hours and our R&D team have already got CodeRush installed in it. Agile or what?

If you’re at BUILD you can nip along to our booth (#28) in the Exhibit Hall and see a demo of it. Mark is there ready to show it off, so I would recommend you go take a look. If you’ve never seen or used CodeRush before, this is an ideal time to see it demonstrated by our Chief Architect and to find out how it can help you in your development.

The rest of us (no, I’m not there either) are going to have to wait until the team have run their battery of tests on it before they publish a public version. Mark tells me it’ll be at least a week, maybe two.

(Note: this is the full version of Visual Studio 11, not the Express version you get as part of the Windows 8 ISO download.)

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Mike Thomas 1
Mike Thomas 1

Sooner better. You know people start forgetting what they learned in a presentation after a couple days - without hands-on to back it up. First wins, in my opinion.

Have you thought about slapping out something quick? - maybe a public share of Marks' skydrive/laptop, or whatever? LOL

16 September 2011

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