Sneak Peek: Alert windows in VCL for Delphi (coming in v2011 vol 2)

29 September 2011

What with all this news for our .NET platforms, I wouldn’t want our Delphi customers to feel left out in the cold. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the new VCL Alert Window control that will debut in v2011 vol 2 later on this year. An Alert Window is a window that appears, usually with some kind of animation (the standard is that it pops up like a piece of toast from a toaster from the bottom left of the screen), to alert the user to some situation.


(Click image for animation.)

Pretty simple in concept and very effective at getting some important information in front of the user.

We’ve provided many options for animation, and you can apply separate options to both the showing and to the hiding of an alert window. These include:

  • Animation effect: namely Slide, Fade, Move, and None.
  • Pop-up position: either near the Windows notification area or one of the screen corners.
  • Animation direction: all four directions are supported: up (“toaster” type), down, left (shown in the video), and right. The animation path depends on the pop-up position, but it’s always either vertical or horizontal.
  • Animation time: this allows you to extend or shorten the animation.

We’ve also provided some other options to help you customize the alert windows:

  • Capability to display custom buttons in a window’s footer.
  • Visibility of caption buttons (there are three: a dropdown menu (currently supporting TPopupMenu, so it can provide pretty much anything you want), pin, and close).
  • Auto-snap alert windows to screen edges during drag operations.
  • Auto-hide alert windows after a specified time.
  • Auto-size alert windows by content (limits are adjustable) or you can specify the exact height and width.
  • Limit the number of simultaneously displayed alert windows.
  • Skin support (duh!).

All in all, a nice addition to our VCL subscription for v2011 vol 2.

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Iskandar Achmad

Yes, this one of my top wishlist

29 September, 2011

Good to see new controls. This one is very useful. Thx

29 September, 2011
Ralf Grenzing


Any timeframe when the next build that support XE2 VCL 32 bit is availible? Lokking forward to it!

30 September, 2011
Hnieef fadzli

how bout .net. any luck???

30 September, 2011
Stuart Clennett

Great to see progress in VCL controls, I look forward to this once i get my subscription sorted.  (Note to self, sort out subscription).

30 September, 2011
Alex M (DevExpress)

Guys, we are very happy to hear you liked this new control!

@Ralf: We are going to release v2011 vol 1.7 with support for RAD Studio XE2 (VCL 32-bit compiler) next week. Stay tuned for updates!

@Hnieef fadzli: Our XtraBars Suite (.NET WinForms controls) includes Alert Windows (see to learn more).

30 September, 2011

OMG. A new component for VCL product line, waiting this for a long time. Thanks for it and any news about when will it arrive? Also we'r waiting for server mode for quantum grid.


30 September, 2011
Alex M (DevExpress)

The new controls will be available in the beta for v2011 vol 2. This is scheduled for release in late October (fingers crossed). So you can give them a spin at around this time. So far, we have two blog posts about v2011 vol 2 features (see ). Check this page regularly for updates.

As for the EQGrid server mode, yes, we'll strive to finish and deliver it in the v2011 vol 2 release version (now both my hands have fingers crossed).

30 September, 2011


30 September, 2011
Manolis Perrakis

Hi Alex,

From the roadmap for Vol. 1

1. Improve export to Excel – make it possible to export data in a simplified layout to support further data analysis

2. Implement a treeview-like hierarchy for events and tasks in the Gantt view

And another one:

Export to Excel with the same format for numbers for Grid and Pivot.

When are these going to be released?

Best Regards,


30 September, 2011
Dave Frank

Oh please, please finish server mode for VCL in this release. I've hoped to see that ported since I first saw it on the .NET side of the pond.

2 October, 2011
Michael Thuma

Thank you. This is a nice one!

2 October, 2011
Alex M (DevExpress)

Manolis, we are going to finish and release both the features you mentioned ( Suggestion ID: CS49691, and Suggestion ID: S130125, ) with the v2011 vol 2 release version.

As for the last feature (I believe it is Suggestion ID: A2220, ), we currently have no plans to implement it. At least, with the v2011 vol 2 release version.

3 October, 2011
Daniel Ramirez

Thank you, We need more and more news of DevExpress VCL... Don't forget us...

3 October, 2011
Dontenwill AG

Hey, this is very good news, thank you for implementing an alert control! We were just testing the available ones and they are all oughh...

One very important feature not mentioned in your list (just try the behavior of outlook alert for example): the alert window must be completely independent from the main form.

That means, if an alert comes up while the app is in background and you are just writing a letter in winword, the alert must not "disturb" you in any way, it must not take the cursor or anything. And if you decide to close the alert by clicking the close button, this must not bring the alerting application up, you should be able to continue writing your letter...

i just renewed the subscription due to this good news :)

7 October, 2011

From Alex M:

"@Ralf: We are going to release v2011 vol 1.7 with support for RAD Studio XE2 (VCL 32-bit compiler) next week. Stay tuned for updates!"

which "next week" ? we've already passed the "next week" :)

9 October, 2011
Alex M (DevExpress)

@Dontenwill AG: Thank you for the feedback! Yes, we have just tested this scenario and tuned up the alert window behavior to meet the requirement you described. It's nice to hear that news about our new VCL controls helped you make the decision to renew your subscription. ;)

@D.A.: We shifted the release date to this week to finish all the tasks we had planned for the v2011 vol 1.7 build. Please bear with us.

10 October, 2011

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