VCL Subscription v2011 vol 2 beta now available–includes 64-bit Delphi support

26 November 2011

Just a quick word to let everyone know that the first beta for the VCL Subscription v2011 vol 2 is now available to those customers who have the full VCL subscription. The email notifying customers of the beta has just gone out.

You can take a look at What’s New here and at the short list of breaking changes here. Depending on the feedback from customers we should be publishing the final release in two to three weeks.

Possibly the feature that has the potential for most undiscovered issues is 64-bit support (yes, I am old enough to have ported a couple of products from 16-bit Delphi 1 to 32-bit Delphi 2 back in the days when we had to walk uphill both ways in the snow to work), so we’d be eager to hear feedback from customers who are going to be targeting 64-bit Delphi XE2 applications.

The beta does not support C++Builder XE2. We have been notified that the compiler/linker issues that were holding us back will be fixed in RAD Studio XE2 Update 3 (to be released any day now, if not already). Once we have the update, we’ll be continuing to compile/link/test our VCL subscription code with C++Builder XE2.

Have fun!

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David Rosen


Good to see that VCL developers also get new staff.

As much as I remember, cxbutton was also supposed to get henhanced -  but it is not on the list. Maybe because it is beta?


26 November, 2011
Iskandar Achmad


The clock component (suggested by DevExpress) is very interesting. If I look again, it looks like a Gauge Control (?) Which was suggest and votes/track by many (I guess) DevExpress Customer.

I hope Gauges Control will soon be implemented.

Best Regards,

Iskandar A

27 November, 2011
ahmed emad 2

right to left support

27 November, 2011
Alex M (DevExpress)

Thank you guys for your feedback!

@David: We added support for image lists (TcxImageList/TImageList/TCustomImageList) to TcxButton (see Suggestion ID: B3668).

@Iskandar and @ahmed: Time will tell. :) We'll be discussing our plans for 2012 next week at our Annual Company Summit. So more details will follow shortly after it.

28 November, 2011
Manolis Perrakis

Hi Alex,

Gantt view is not completed (Multiple  columns in taks)

Also simplified pivot export to excel is not implemented.

Are these going to be finished before Christmas ? (In 2.2 version I  suppose)


28 November, 2011
Alex M (DevExpress)

@Manolis: That's right, we are planning to extend our Gantt View with tree-like hierarchies (see Suggestion ID: S130125). We'll implement this suggestion with v2011 vol 2.3, which is scheduled for the next year. Please clarify your inquiry about "multiple columns in tasks" as I'm not sure if we have a corresponding suggestion reported to our Support Center. As for the export of the simplified pivot grid layout, yes, it will be finished by the v2011 vol 2.2 release later in December.

29 November, 2011
David Rosen


Is there a way to use the new skins in ver 2011.1.7?


29 November, 2011
Alex M (DevExpress)

@David: To a certain extent, yes. You can save new skins to a .SKINRES file in Skin Editor v2011 vol 2.1 and then load them from this file in a v2011 vol 1.x application via a dxSkinsUserSkinLoadFromFile method call. Although, we don't guarantee that this will operate for all our controls. Moreover, there will certainly be skinning issues as the v2011 vol 1.x skin engine is not updated for the new skins. At least, you can try the described technique.

29 November, 2011
Alex M (DevExpress)

A follow-up message. David, alternatively, you can use v2011 vol 2.1 .SKINRES files located in the "<Developer Express.VCL Installation Path>\ExpressSkins Library\Binary Skin Files" folder, without saving them manually.

30 November, 2011
Peter Søndergaard_1

I can see that Update 3 was released on the 28 nov. from Embarcadero. Is there any updates on the C++ progressin V2011 vol 2. Are we still dead in the water due to problems with the compiler or is the c++ package finally on its way?

4 December, 2011
Alex M (DevExpress)

@Peter: Yes, Embarcadero published the following wiki entry on Update 3: However, this Update is not available for download both at registered users download pages and via the built-in "Check for Updates" tool.

5 December, 2011
Julian Bucknall (DevExpress)

Just because I'm feeling grumpy this morning: I like the way that it takes 10 weeks for Embarcadero to fix the bugs, and yet we're not allowed more than a few days to produce a C++Builder version. We are in between beta and release, we'll get to it when we can, hopefully asap.

Cheers, Julian

5 December, 2011
Peter Søndergaard_1

Hi again. Hope that you have got your morning coffee Julian and is not to grumpy anymore :-> My question was not intended to be an insult to anyone at DevExpress nor was it to blame you for not already having it but merely if it’s on it way again (as I wrote). It has been stated earlier that all C++ was halted until Embarcadero solved there issues and no work is done until this was fixed from your side. Therefore is the question extremely relevant. Please be aware that we as C++ developers (and I guess all others) are in a spot where we for months have been waiting without or at least with very little info regarding when we can start using the XE2. If it is Embarcadero fault or not is not the questions. As developer we all understand that problems occur. But being kept in the dark is the worst thing you can do to us. You guys at DevExpress have a fantastic product, which is so essential for many developers that without an update of your product everything is halted regarding upgrading. Due to all the secrecy around the release timing and what it supports in the next version, you bound to get these questions again and again.

Regarding your remark Alex about the update 3. You are right it apparently only is available from the registered user download. They write in there update notes that it should be available for the automatic download but nothing happens. One more for Embarcadero :->. But anyway it’s good to hear that it’s moving forward again. Looking forward to the update.

Best regards, A long time waiting C++ developer

6 December, 2011
Julian Bucknall (DevExpress)

Peter: Understood. We will be working on C++Builder XE2 support as soon as we can (and as soon as we can get the update). Additional test point: Just checked my install of Delphi XE2 and there's no notification of an update.

All I'd say for sure is that it will be good to get the support in for the initial release of 11.2. I won't guarantee it though.

Cheers, Julian

6 December, 2011
Andrew Bond


>> we're not allowed more than a few days to produce a C++Builder version

That's a little disingenious - XE2 was in beta test for a long time and I am sure DevEx would have been a welcome beta tester during that period. You therefore had a long time to discover whether there was a problem in XE2 that would affect your VCL components.

Blaming the lack of support for XE2 in YOUR product on Embacadero does not impress me as one of YOUR customers.

9 December, 2011
Julian Bucknall (DevExpress)

Andrew: Yes, XE2 was in beta for a long time. And, yes, we tested our products with it during that time. And, yes, we found the bugs which stopped us shipping support for C++Builder XE2 and we reported them via QC to Embarcadero at that time. The bugs were not fixed in Update 1 (end of September), and they weren't fixed in Update 2 (a breaking changes update at the end of October). So, we have not been able to release C++Builder XE2 support at all yet.

The good news is we have a beta of Update 3 and the bugs are finally fixed and things are looking good in our testing.

Cheers, Julian

12 December, 2011
Thiago Nassif D Amico

Well I have to say you guys from DevExpress: congratulations! I bought the VCL Subscription npackage to use in Delphi XE2.

I was not thinking of using your skins package, because of all the marketing that the staff of Embarcadero made about new styles resource.

However, the whole thing was nothing but a deceptive advertising: it simply does not work right (more details I can tell by those who are interested) and when you request them support you almost speaks to the walls.

In short: your support is great, and your skin package is much better than the VCL Styles embarcadero.

Congratulations, I hope you continue to develop VCL for quite a while until we can carry our applications to another platform.

(ps: we are developing a converter to port almost 500 form units to your controls suite)

14 December, 2011
Michael Schmidlkofer


Well, I wouldn't call the VCL styles in XE2 as deceptive marketing, though just like FireMonkey, it needs some more time to bake in the oven before being completely finished (especially the case with FireMonkey). In any case, as with most other things that come out-of-the-box, VCL styles provide basic functionality, leaving plenty of room for 3rd Parties like DevExpress to fill in the holes.

15 December, 2011

Well,  when is planned a beta with SERVER mode ?

20 December, 2011
Michael Thuma

@Thiago - VCL Styles are required. Few people start with third-party components. Ok, they will have to improve but ... that's another story. I am looking forward to the new skins in devexpress next edition ...

20 December, 2011

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