VCL Subscription v2011 vol 2 beta now available–includes 64-bit Delphi support

26 November 2011

Just a quick word to let everyone know that the first beta for the VCL Subscription v2011 vol 2 is now available to those customers who have the full VCL subscription. The email notifying customers of the beta has just gone out.

You can take a look at What’s New here and at the short list of breaking changes here. Depending on the feedback from customers we should be publishing the final release in two to three weeks.

Possibly the feature that has the potential for most undiscovered issues is 64-bit support (yes, I am old enough to have ported a couple of products from 16-bit Delphi 1 to 32-bit Delphi 2 back in the days when we had to walk uphill both ways in the snow to work), so we’d be eager to hear feedback from customers who are going to be targeting 64-bit Delphi XE2 applications.

The beta does not support C++Builder XE2. We have been notified that the compiler/linker issues that were holding us back will be fixed in RAD Studio XE2 Update 3 (to be released any day now, if not already). Once we have the update, we’ll be continuing to compile/link/test our VCL subscription code with C++Builder XE2.

Have fun!

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