The Bestselling Publisher and several Bestselling Product awards from ComponentSource

28 February 2013

ComponentSource Award Number 1 Publisher 2012/13ComponentSource® is the world's largest marketplace and community for reusable software components and development tools. Every year they tot up the sales of each product they sell globally and work out who is the bestselling software publisher and which products sold the most during that year. I’m happy to say that we won a couple of these awards (he says modestly).

First up is the big one: DevExpress was the top software publisher with ComponentSource in 2012. Not just in the top five, you understand, but Number One.

Although this is certainly an impressive award, we have further good news: DXperience Enterprise was the top selling product for 2012 at ComponentSource. Another number one! Indeed, since DXperience WinForms is also at number 3, it means that, of the top five bestselling products, two were from DevExpress. Three other DevExpress products were also placed, this time in the Top 25: DXperience ASP.NET at 11, VCL Subscription at 13, and DXperience WPF at 15. These are striking results and just goes to show the high regard our products are held in the marketplace.

So a big thank you is in order to all our customers who purchased through ComponentSource. You made us number one! Thank you!

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Iván Szabó

Congratulations !

1 March, 2013
Vassilios Pallis

Congrats ! You deserv it !

4 March, 2013
Jens Fudickar [DX-Squad]

VCL on 13!!!!


4 March, 2013
Matthias Schlegel

Wa are waiting for Roadmap 2013.

Matthias Schlegel

4 March, 2013
Mark Harby

Great result DX, keep up the pace and take heed of Winforms still at number 3 by itself, would love to know how many of the Enterprise license holders major on Winforms (like us).

Mark Harby

Nottingham. UK

5 March, 2013
Wasurus Wattanawongsukho


5 March, 2013
Steven Rasmussen

Congrats!  Now where's the roadmap for 2013 :)

6 March, 2013
Grigore Dolghin

Congratulations, well deserved award.

18 March, 2013

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