Debugging DevExpress code with PDB files

22 August 2013

Do you like debugging? (I know, I know, a necessary evil, right?) Do you own a license to either DXperience or Universal subscription (in other words, you have the source code)? Do you wish that you could debug into DevExpress code from your code?

Did You Know?Well, we’ve just made that a whole lot easier in v13.1 (or later) by providing the PDB files as a separate download for you. Just go to the Download Manager once you’re logged in and you should see a link to download the PDB files for your particular version. (They are version-specific, so be warned.) These are standard “program database” files and contain debugging symbols and other information that help in your debugging efforts within Visual Studio. Once you have downloaded these files and completed a little bit of configuration, you will be able to debug into DevExpress code as if it were your own.

For more details on how to configure Visual Studio to find the DevExpress PDB files once you’ve downloaded them, please see the KA18843 Knowledgebase article in the support center. There are full details in that article – with screenshots! – so you shouldn’t have any issues, but if you do our support team can help.

Remember: they’re only available for DXperience 13.1 or Universal 13.1 or above (you have to have the source) and they are version specific.

Happy debugging!

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Matt Jacobi

I somehow missed this when it was first posted... just got this set up... it is awesome! Great job, guys!

2 January, 2014
Julian Bucknall (DevExpress)

Excellent news, Matt! I'm glad they're proving useful. Spread the word!

Cheers, Julian

2 January, 2014
Scott Hooper 2

I'd say things have changed since this was written. The download manager doesn't display any PDB file links :(

8 January, 2019

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