DevExpress VCL Subscription v15.1.5 released, with full support for Delphi 10 Seattle

06 October 2015

Just a quick note to say that we released v15.1.5 of the DevExpress VCL Subscription today. The main new feature of this release is adding full support for Delphi 10 Seattle (DX) and C++Builder 10 Seattle (CX), collectively known as RAD Studio 10 Seattle (RX). So download it today from your Download Portal if you are using DX, CX, or RX (and especially if you were using the “unofficial” support for them that had crept into v15.1.4).

There are a couple of new enhancements as well.

  • The biggest one (and the one that delayed us a little in our full support for DX, CX and RX because of the extra testing we had to do) is we’ve added the capability to print the ExpressRichEdit Control.
  • The grid’s main improvement has been speeding up its export capabilities, especially when the layout information is not required.
  • There have been numerous other resolved issues as is usual when we release a minor version. See here for the full list.

So, download, install, and enjoy!

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Michael Schmidlkofer

Great news. Any hints for what will be coming in 15.2?

6 October, 2015
Iskandar Achmad

Support of print for RichEdit is the one that I waiting for.

Hopefully other feature will follow

9 October, 2015
Matthias Schlegel

Hello Team Devexpress,

Vcl V15 Grid, Tree and Pivotgrid for Delphi 7.

Is this possible?

Matthias Schlegel

12 October, 2015
Julian Bucknall (DevExpress)

Matthias: No, it is not. As I stated here:

we dropped support for Delphi 7 and 2007 in v15.1. It's not just the Unicode support, it's also the ability to use the more modern language features like generics, etc.

For Delphi 7 support, you will have to stay on v14.2, although, as usual, I will recommend you update your Delphi version.

Cheers, Julian

12 October, 2015

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