VCL Subscription and C++ Builder 2010 support

25 April 2019

Since the release of v18.2 of the VCL Subscription back in December, the team have been discussing improvements they'd like to make to the codebase in order to streamline the development of new features and enhancements.

One of the primary Delphi language aspects that they would like to draw on in the future is generics or parametrized types. And, in particular, they would like to make extensive use of the TDictionary class, a generic collection of key-value pairs. Speaking as one who wrote a Delphi book on data structures without any generics being available, I totally concur with this desire.

Although generics were added to Delphi 2009, some 10 years ago now, there is an issue with C++Builder. Specifically, C++Builder has only supported Delphi generics (in the sense of being able to link compiled Delphi code that uses them) since RAD Studio XE. In particular, C++Builder 2010 cannot compile/link Delphi code that takes advantage of generics. Since all of our code is written in Delphi, that poses a problem.

Hence we have decided to drop support for C++Builder 2010 from this point forward. The DevExpress VCL Subscription v19.1 (due in a couple of months) and subsequent versions, will not support this particular compiler. I would strongly encourage those few customers who still use C++Builder 2010 to upgrade to a later one.

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