Blazor Roadshow cancelled. Boo! Blazor DeskShow steps in. Yay!

25 March 2020

We were just as disappointed as you were when we had to cancel Carl Franklin’s Roadshow because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Like you, we are now working from home and self-isolating as much as we can (or have to), and looking after our families.

Yet, Blazor is not going away, it’s growing in importance, and we at DevExpress, along with Carl, want to make sure that his presentation is seen by as many interested full-stack .NET devs as possible.

Hence the new Carl Franklin’s Blazor Desk Show series of webinars! Just like the Roadshow of yore, but as a virtual presentation. No need to drive anywhere, just settle back in your chair at your desk and watch online. Even better, we’ve arranged to repeat each webinar three times in a day: just choose the time in your time-zone that suits you best.

To recap: Carl will be presenting lots of practical information about using Blazor in your web applications. Best practices, authentication, consuming generic components, how to call JavaScript, server vs client: the topics he’ll discuss and illustrate in code are almost endless. And just to whet your appetite even more, you'll also be introduced to some exciting Blazor controls from DevExpress, including a data grid and appointment scheduling component. The materials and slides will be shared.

For information on dates and times and links, please visit the Desk Show website. I’ll warn you though: the first date is tomorrow, Thursday March 26!

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