CloudProviders: Connecting the ASP.NET File Manager to Azure BlobStorage (Now available in v14.2)

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02 December 2014

What started as the preparations for a webinar ended as a really cool feature in v14.2!

You can now manage your files on Azure BlobStorage with the ASPxFileManager because we’ve added brand new cloud providers, and you don’t need coding for it. Let’s see how you set it up:

Preparations on Azure

After signing in or signing up at, you can click on the Storage button on the left-side features menu


Next, we need to specify a couple of details on the storage account, like the name, the data center location, subscription and replication.

Remember the URL


After the storage account has been created, we can create the actual container:


Specify the name and select the optional Access restrictions:

Remember the Name.


Once the container has been created, we can copy the access key by clicking the Manage Access Keys on the bottom menu:


That’s it for the preparations in Azure.

Connecting the ASPxFileManager to the container

After we’ve dropped an ASPxFileManager on an ASP.NET Form, we only need to specify the following properties in the Object Inspector:


Don’t forget to specify the SettingsEditing properties so you can manage folders and files in the container.

After hitting Ctrl+F5 to start up your web application, you can start making folders and upload files to the container!


Did you know that you can also use the ASPxUploadControl to upload directly to Azure BlobStorage ?


Click here to watch the instructions and demo for WebForms and MVC on YouTube!

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