CloudProviders: Uploading files to Azure BlobStorage using the ASP.NET Upload Control (Now available in v14.2)

Don Wibier's Blog
04 December 2014

Besides the cloud support in the ASPxFileManager, we’ve also added support in the ASPxUploadControl to upload files directly to Azure BlobStorage.

Let me show you how easy it is to use this exiting new feature.

First we need to get the access details of the Blob Container were we would like to upload to. This can be done by creating a new container or using an existing one. For exact details on how to get ready, please read the blog post about CloudProviders: Connecting the ASP.NET File Manager to Azure BlobStorage (Now available in v14.2).


Once you have prepared the Blob Container you can go to Visual Studio and drop an ASPxUploadControl on your page or UserControl:


While you’re at it, also don’t forget to check the other new features of the ASPxUploadControl like Settings.EnableDragDrop:


Finally enable the ShowUploadButton, and hit Ctrl+F5 to start uploading to Azure straight away!

Make sure you register for the upcoming webinar at December 9th where I will tell and show you more about it.

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