ASP.NET File Manager - Enhancements (Shipping in v15.1)

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15 June 2015

We have added some very useful features to the DevExpress ASP.NET FileManager in v15.1

OneDrive® Inspired Selection

A lot of users do not know how to perform multi selection within MS-Windows list controls by holding down the Shift or Ctrl key while selecting multiple items with the mouse.

In the web-interface of OneDrive®, and also the Windows File Explorer of Windows 8, Microsoft has added a really nice feature; when hovering over an item, a checkbox will appear with all selectable items and when you tick the first one, the checkboxes will stay visible so you can easily select multiple items without the use of the Ctrl or Shift key.

We have put in this same functionality inside our FileManager so you can offer this feature to your end users as well!

FolderItems in Filemanager area

For easier navigation, we have included the sub-folders of the currently selected folder in to the file area. This means you can navigate quicker through the file structure because you don’t need to move your mouse forward and back from the File Area to the Folder Tree. We also included the Parent-folder there as well.


Breadcrumbs with path info for navigation

To make navigation even better, you can now add the breadcrumbs feature containing the current location on top of the File Area. It allows you to jump to any of the parent folders with just a single click, and navigate your way from there.


Uploading files without the Upload panel visible

You can now hide the upload panel from the file manager. In this instance, file upload operations can be initiated by using the upload button, by dropping a file to the control's file area, or by clicking an element specified as a File Upload dialog trigger.

The last feature I'd like to mention is that we have implemented templates for the File Area. I will explain more on this subject in a separate post.

With all these enhancement, our FileManager behaves almost like the native Windows Explorer and it is available for ASP.NET WebForms as well as MVC!

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