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04 November 2016

Over the coming weeks, DevExpress is organizing a few informal meetups with our clients. They will give you an opportunity to talk with me directly, let me know what you’re doing with our controls and tools, and give me feedback on features and areas that we could improve.

John Martin, our Developer Advocate, and I will be hosting these events and the only thing they will cost you is a bit of time. We shall be taking care of providing the beer and snacks!

We are organizing 2 meetups in The Netherlands and we hope to see many of you.

So far we have the following meetups planned:


Time Location
November 15th 17:00h – 21:00h Haarlem
December 6th 18:00h – 20:00h Rotterdam

To make sure we have enough capacity we would like you to register for free through Eventbrite.

If any of these locations are too far from you, let me know and we certainly consider adding new meetups.

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