DevExtreme - Web Diagram Control CTP (v19.1) - Getting Started

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14 June 2019

One of the common scenarios in using a diagram control is creating an organization chart. In this "getting started" article we introduce the few steps needed to create one with our new jQuery Diagram control, save it, load it, configure the control, and so on.

jQuery Diagram: Creating OrgCharts Using our JavaScript Widget

The article also covers these topics:

  • Bind the OrgChart to a data source
  • Load OrgChart "entities" to a toolbox panel
  • Add custom shapes to an OrgChart
  • Save and Load an OrgChart's Layout
  • Configure Page Settings
  • Export an OrgChart

DevExpress Diagram Widget


Tell us what you think of the new Web Diagram widget and comment below or submit a support ticket via our Support Center.

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