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JavaScript Charts & Gauges - Legend Customization, Label Word-Wrap, and Other Enhancements (v19.1)
DevExtreme - New Drop Down Button (v19.1)
DevExtreme - Web Diagram Control CTP (v19.1) - Getting Started
DevExtreme - Web Diagram Control CTP (v19.1)
DevExtreme - New Compact Material Design Theme (v19.1)
DevExtreme DataGrid & TreeList - Accessibility, UX and API Enhancements (v19.1)
DevExtreme - File Manager Component CTP (v19.1)
DevExtreme - Color Swatches (v18.2)
DevExtreme 2019 Roadmap – ASP.NET Core, Angular, React and Vue – Your Vote Counts
DevExtreme – New Drawer Component (v18.2)
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